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Peyton Reed Signed On To Direct The Fifth Beatle, From The Brian Epstein Graphic Novel

Vivek Tiwary has done exactly the right thing and signed the massively underemployed Peyton Reed to direct an adaptation of The Fifth Beatle, his graphic novel about Brian Epstein, the Beatles' manager.If you've read the comic, written by Tiwary and illustrated Andrew Robinson, with an interlude illustrated by Kyle Baker, you'll know that Reed is a[...]

The Fifth Beatle Made The NY Times Best Seller List – And It's Easy To See Why

Since The Fifth Beatle launched from Dark Horse Comics’ “M Press” division on November 19th, it’s been making the rounds of mainstream reportage because of its prominent subject matter—the life and times of Beatles manager Brian Epstein By November 30th, the graphic novel appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List at #5 in[...]

Why You Need More Than Just The Fifth Beatle

Alex Wilson writes;The Fifth Beatle follows the life of Brian Epstein, The Beatles manager, and his journey in bringing the famous band to the forefront of the music industry and the world This isn’t a book about The Beatles, though It’s strictly about Epstein and his life, his troubles, and his journey.I’m not going to[...]

Andrew Robinson on The Fifth Beatle

I knew the bar had been set so high for me and I wanted to reach that level on this project.More personally, one of my best friends committed suicide before I got onboard with The Fifth Beatle, and that made me more emotionally attached to the project, because of how Brian Epstein himself went out[...]

Talking To Vivek Tiwary About Beatles

Pete G talked to Vivek Tiwary at C2E2;I wanted to actually start off a little bit by asking you, because, you have such actually have quite a bit of history with rock music with American Idiot and everything like that.  Is there something about rock music that draws you to this, or what was it[...]