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Neil Gaiman, Mark Waid and Garth Ennis Join Graphic Novel Club

San Francisco-based comics retailer Comix Experience owned by Brian Hibbs, and still in shutdown, announced a third offering in their popular National Graphic-Novel-of-the-Month Clubs: the “Comics Masterpieces Graphic Novel Club” which joins the original New Release Graphic Novel Club and the Kids Graphic Novel Club. Like the original clubs, the Comics Masterpieces club selects an excellent[...]

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Free Comic Book Day 2020 in the Fall – and Diamond Doing Back Issues?

There's a lot going to support the economy, it'll be back bigger than ever."Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience in San Francisco was asking what happens when California is shut down until at least June, when there may be an uneven market for distribution, asking how wise it is to restart the industry where a significant[...]

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A Disaster Waiting To Take Place? Bill Schanes on DC's Distribution

And Schanes, who then spent decades as VP Purchasing at Diamond has shared his two cents about the whole situation as well, especially in the light of the comments by Comix Experience retailer Brian Hibbs Schanes writes on Facebook,[caption id="attachment_1196511" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A Disaster Waiting To Take Place? Bill Schanes on DC's Distribution[...]


Brian Hibbs Holds Jim Lee Responsible for DC Distribution Decision

Yesterday, comic book retailer Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience in San Francisco, posted on Facebook a detailed look at DC Comics plan to get comic book distribution going again Or rather, everything that was wrong with it Stating that DC Comics was "making all of the wrong moves" he stated that "I especially hold Jim[...]

Brian Hibbs Of Comix Experience Buys Comics Outpost, San Francisco

This is a good thing! Later that day, Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience sent this message out: Dear Awesome Comic Outpost customer!I want to introduce myself to you: I’m Brian Hibbs, owner of Comix Experience (305 Divisadero St at Page), and I will be taking over the operations of Comic Outpost, effective 12/16/2013 I’m tremendously excited –[...]

Brian Hibbs Quits ComicsPRO Over Relationship With DC Comics

In an article in which Brian Hibbs directly addressed issues with DC's Villains Month, he also wrote in the comments, regarding his membership of comics retailer advocacy group, ComicsPRO Over the fact that he doesn't entirely see it as a comics retailer advocacy group anymore He writes; I’ve, uh, decided to stop my membership with ComicsPRO[...]

Profit From Brian Hibbs' Hatred Of Variant Covers

Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience in San Francisco, California is not a fan of variant covers on comic books He doesn't sell them on the shelf, he only buys them by special order for customers who ask but somnetimes, without his say so, companies send them to him anyway.And he gives them to the Comic[...]