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Bryan Edward Hill & Alberto Foche Tell Wakandan History in November
Which is why Bryan Edward Hill and Alberto Foche team up for a new Black Panther one-shot this November Black Panther: Unconquered will see Black Panther doing a little Wakandan archaeology and rewriting of Wakandan lore along the way. This fall, all eyes will be on Wakanda! In addition to John Ridley and Germán Peralta's current[...]
Z2 Announce OGN "Limbo Beach" From Rapper Vince Staples And Others
Z2 Comics announced what they describe as a headliner to their Fall 2021 offerings, an OGN called Limbo Beach from Vince Staples, Bryan Edward Hill, Chris Robinson, and Buster Moody Limbo Beach is described as a combination of Lord Of The Flies and The Warriors. Limbo Beach cover courtesy of Z2 The story involves kids washed ashore[...]
Chariot #2 Review: Wildly Confectionary
The way Jim's finally named ex Sadie is depicted virtually levitates off the page, as does the digital landscape where Gillian was trapped for decades. This Bryan Edward Hill script is like a Patrick Nagel painting come to life, with Vice City vibes and a mean streak to it that pops up in its science fiction[...]
Chariot #1 Review: Owes Much To The 1980s
Bryan Edward Hill's sparse, efficient script delivers on the action and the tension here. What went wrong was very little, but it's noticeable Ben's mother is never named in these pages — an exhausting Bechdel Test flub Most of the characters here are not named, and their motivations are sometimes one-dimensional There is a time shift[...]
Power Rangers: Is A Reboot Necessary?
It was previously confirmed that there will be another Power Rangers film coming soon, (currently said to be another reboot) but little information was known about what or who it could involve. Now, Bryan Edward Hill, writer of Batman and the Outsiders as well as HBO Max's (formerly DC Universe's) Titans series has been tapped to[...]
Bryan Edward Hill Hints at the Future of Batman and the Outsiders
Bryan Edward Hill took to the layer of hell known as Comic Book Twitter to speak his hopes into existence as he spoke about the possible future of Batman and the Outsiders Known for the acclaimed indie series Postal from Top Cow and for being the bigger man in a one-sided beef with Black Lightning creator Tony[...]
Pulp FIction Comics Hosts Jules Winnfield Festival To Celebrate Black Creators
At the close of Black History Month, Culver City retailer Pulp Fiction will launch their first annual celebration of Black creators of comics and pop culture called the Jules Winnfield Festival. Verified guests who will be on hand include Kevin Grevioux (Underworld, New Warriors, Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel), Bryan Edward Hill (Batman and the[...]
Exclusive Early Review Of Eden's Fall #1
I just finished reading the first issue by Hawkins, Bryan Edward Hill and Atilio Rojo and I've got an exclusive early review for you. The premise for the series is simple… FBI Agent James Miller (The Tithe), with the help of Dr David Loren (Think Tank), is going after a sociopath named Thorton who has disappeared[...]
NYCC '15: Image Comics: Where Creators Own Worlds
Creators Bryan Edward Hill (Postal), Antony Johnston (Codename: Baboushka), Marjorie Liu (Monstress), Declan Shalvey (Injection), and Jim Zub (Wayward) graced the stage to share their perspectives on the worlds in their own books. Some of the creators, like Jim Zub and Declan Shalvey, write books that take place in real locations They both emphasized how important it[...]