Power Rangers Taps Bryan Edward Hill to Pen Reboot

Power Rangers will likely always find a way to survive modern audiences, with film, television series, and comic books constantly rebooting or refreshing their pre-existing world of heroes.

Power Rangers: Is A Reboot Necessary?
From L to R: Naomi Scott as "Kimberly," RJ Cyler as "Billy," Dacre Montgomery as "Jason," Ludi Lin as "Zack" and Becky G as "Trini" in SABAN'S POWER RANGERS. Photo credit: Kimberley French.

There have been countless variations to the color-coded heroes that children have enjoyed for decades, with the more recent film not exactly connecting to those who loved the origins of the Power Rangers, and even those unfamiliar were a little confused with the intended direction of the action movie. It was previously confirmed that there will be another Power Rangers film coming soon, (currently said to be another reboot) but little information was known about what or who it could involve.

Now, Bryan Edward Hill, writer of Batman and the Outsiders as well as HBO Max's (formerly DC Universe's) Titans series has been tapped to write the script for the return to the Power Rangers lore produced by eOne and Hasbro. The news first came from Deadline, confirming the writer's attachment to the project, with Hill later taking to Twitter to confirm and express his excitement, sharing, "I'm INCREDIBLY excited about this," Hill tweeted. "I LOVED [director Jonathan Entwistle's] work before I came aboard this, and when I heard his ideas I immediately got stoked. This is one of those 'Wow I get to do this!' projects."

The last Power Rangers film came out in 2017, with a massive price tag attached of over $100 million for the film's budget, not including marketing costs which always inflate the number. The box office run for Power Rangers brought in less than $150 million, becoming a financial failure by studio standards, leaving a question mark looming over the property until the news about the upcoming Paramount reboot. So will this next version of the film be a positive change for the franchise? As long as we can ditch the alien armored costumes, I'd say anything is possible.

Are you excited about the next version of the Power Rangers, or do you think it's just too soon? Sound of below!

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