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Stephanie Brown Dropped From Smallville In Favour Of Barbara Gordon?
And recently in the DC New 52, she vanished completely and was replaced as Batgirl by Barbara Gordon. Then, recently, it was announced that Stephanie Brown would be the Nightwing character appearing along a young Batman in the Smallville 11th Season digital first comic. Writer Bryan Q Miller was originally quoted as saying "Bruce can be somewhat[...]
Batman Comes To Smallville
Bryan Q Miller is writing Smallville Season Eleven as a digital-first-then-print comic for DC Comics, playing up on the conclusion of the TV Series September, we get a new story called Detective Featuring a certain masked vigilante making his way to Metropolis… SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #5 Written by BRYAN Q MILLER Art and cover by CHRISCROSS and MARC[...]
Bryan Q Miller To Launch Smallville Season Eleven As A Novel
And that was that – aside from a bedtime story from Chloe to her son. What happened next… well that wouldn't be part of Smallville would it? Or would it? I understand that story editor and writer for the series, Bryan Q Miller, also recently of Batgirl until the DC Relaunch, is to write a new novel, tellling[...]
That Meta Textual Finale To Bryan Q Miller's Batgirl – SPOILERS
Bleeding Cool pointed out James Robinson's metatextaual examination of his run on Justice League, audience reception and what will be happening to the characters that have been placed in limbo for their DC Relaunch. ***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS*** The week before,  Bryan Q Miller and Pere Perez gave Batgirl a slightly more graceful metatextual farewell to Stephanie Brown as Batgirl[...]