The Stephanie Brown Comic With Black Alice, Misfit, Bumblebee By Gail Simone And Bryan Q Miller That Never Was

Gail Simone writes, talking about DC character Misfit (right);

I wouldn't say she's NEVER coming back, just that the book idea that I had that included her was eventually passed on.

I might as well talk about it.

This was a book I worked on for a year with alterations. I wanted to do a girl team book featuring Black Alice, Misfit, a young Bumblebee, and led by Stephanie Brown. They would all be going to the same high school. The plan was to have BQM co-write it with me.

It went through lots of permutations and changes but eventually, they passed on it, which was understandable but a little bit (okay, a lot) heartbreaking. I don't want to say more about it, but that's a big reason why I was hopeful about some of those characters, because it seemed a pretty exciting premise.

But it doesn't mean those characters won't be back at some point, hopefully they will.

Yeah, I'd have bought it.

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