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Law & Order: OC Star Meloni Happy Being The Butt of Tweet Jokes
But what's even more impressive? Meloni's willingness to dive cheeks-deep into the joke and be a part of it- as he did when he chose to respond to some seriously thirsty tweets- like the one we're kicking things off with below (full image here): Image: Screencap And then we have Meloni offering instructions on proper usage of[...]
The Latest In Dick Grayson's ButtWatch (Midnighter SPOILERS)
Gotta catch them all. And in this case, we have Midnighter #3 by Steve Orlando and Aco, a splendid comic with much to recommend it, innovative, fresh and… …unable to resist the possibility of a Dick Grayson buttshot Let alone a final page scene the continues the budding bromance between the two. Almost… Herculean, isn't it? Comics courtesy of[...]
Dick Grayson Needs To Get A Butt Disruptor – Batgirl Annual Spoilers
But because this is Dick Grayson, and because this is the running joke in the DC Universe for quite some time… it doesn't quite work. Even through thick pants, the round of his left buttock is clearly enough to set off Barbara's Bat-sense Or butt-sense. I think the only chance he has now is to wear special[...]