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Comic Book Workers United
and American Library Association, Graduate Employees Organizing Committee AFT Local 6123, Cultura Cómic RD, Silver Sprocket, Kestrel S Ward, Micah A Elliot, Marisa Reichert, Nazirul Ahmad, Vanessa Romanel, Sam Striker, Geoff Barton, Thomas Westergard, Julianne Grasso, James Dowling, James Picton, Christy Broy, Noah Hookstra, Shannon Smith, Sydney D, Whitney Cogar, Vita Ayala, Steve Horton, Zach[...]
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However, one of Kickstarter's 40% was Kickstarter's Comic Outreach Lead, Camilla Zhang, posted the following to Twitter As she notes that by helping to establish a union, Camilla Zhang and others similarly affected will be able to claim four months salary. Kickstarter Comic Outreach Lead, Camilla Zhang Amongst Layoffs Image from LinkedIn. It breaks my heart to[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
Now at Little Brown with a massive contacts list and goodwill to exploit in bringing comic book creators to bookstores.. Camilla Zhang (Down) Kickstarter's Comics Outreach Lead Still the premium crowdsourcing portal for comic book projects, all manner of comic book projects go through her, and she can help – if hinder – creative projects from[...]