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"In The Valley Of Gods" Has Been Put On Hold

"In The Valley Of Gods" Has Officially Been Put On Hold

Bad news coming out of Campo Santo this week, as the developer had to announce In The Valley Of Gods has been put on hold Jake Rodkin, the co-founder of Campo Santo, sent a letter to Polygon confirming the news Why was this done? The company is owned by Valve, who apparently has decided to[...]

Firewatch is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in Mid-December

Campo Santo had some amazing news this week as they revealed that Firewatch will officially be coming to the Nintendo Switch this month December 17th to be precise, as they announced the awesome news on their Twitter account yesterday evening The game was originally supposed to be released back in the spring but the devs[...]

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What Campo Santo's Move to Valve Means for In the Valley of Gods

When Firewatch dev Campo Santo announced that it was moving in-house to Valve, many fans of the developer's current project In the Valley of Gods were worried about how the move will affect development of the new game.A recent report from IGN delves into the ramifications of the move with co-founder Sean Vanaman.From IGN: “This started from Jake and I[...]

Valve Acquires Firewatch Developer Campo Santo

Campo Santo's Firewatch is something of a strange, lonely little game, however, its gotten itself quite the following Which likely explains a part of why the developer has decided to join the team at Valve In a post over on the Campo Santo blog, the team announced their decision to work under the big Valve umbrella[...]


Firewatch is Coming to Switch this Spring

Camp Santo has announced that its first game, Firewatch is set to come to the Nintendo Switch. Firewatch is a great example of a first-person experience game, or how they have bizarrely become to be known, walking simulators. It's one of the most involved, granting you with many active tasks and exploration, all tied to […]


YouTube Personality PewDiePie Drops Racial Slur While Live Streaming, Issues Apology

Popular YouTube star and one of the platform's biggest and most successful creators, PewDiePie has once again found himself in hot water over racial insensitivity and controversial action.The Let's Play YouTuber, real name Felix Kjellberg, casually dropped the N-bomb in a stream of game Battlegrounds.This led to a huge public outcry, as the YouTuber is[...]

Firewatch Sends One Lucky Fan A Copy Of An In-Game Book

The game was littered with bits of worldbuilding including fake novels, which developer Campo Santo later made into real notebooks fans could buy Inside those notebooks were pages that contained order forms that had various other fake novel titles listed One fan decided to actually fill out the (expired) order form and purchase of copy[...]


Firewatch Review: Who Watches The Watchmen?

Campo Santo are a new team, but have veterans in from everywhere in the industry, including key creatives from the now infamous Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season One That talent, mixed with the game’s eye catching art design and concept has kept anticipationnup You're charged with taking up the mantle of Henry, who decides to[...]

Catch The First 'Day' In Firewatch Right Here

Firewatch is just around the corner now. Next week we will be able to dive headlong into the American woods and see what mysteries are ahead of us. If you don't mind having the first 30 minutes of the game spoiled for you, PlayStation Access have put up the first 'day' in the game that […]

Here Are 17 Minutes Of New Firewatch Gameplay

Firewatch seems so very interesting. Setting you up a mystery to solve as a watchman in a national park sounds like a delightful little narrative. Add on top of that, the astonishing art direction and I'm all in. Well, here is 17 more minutes of gameplay as part of IGN First. This actually a direct […]

Firewatch Finally Gets A Release Date

Firewatch has been on a lot of people's radars for a while, now. The game looks gorgeous and it seems to be telling a rather intriguing story about a man taking on the job a Firewatchmen. I've been personally intrigued ever since it surfaced last year. Finally, we have a release date for the game […]

Watch The First 17 Minutes Of The Beautiful Firewatch

Campo Santo have released the first 17 minutes of the title to the internet as part of IGN First It really does look like a compelling adventure and the art style is pretty enchanting I really can't wait to explore this story more.Here is the opening of the game It shows off the location and[...]