Plans Are In The Works To Create A Film Based On Firewatch

Some interesting news today as it appears there are plans in the works to create a film based on the 2016 Campo Santo game Firewatch. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snoot Entertainment is looking to make a film based on the franchise, which takes place in 1989 in Wyoming as you operate as a fire watch named Henry. While doing his duty, Henry often heads down into the forest and finds clues to a mystery he must solve while also maintaining his job. According to the info presented, Keith Calder and Jess Wu Calder will produce for Snoot Entertainment, while Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin will produce for Campo Santo, the original developer of the game. Here's a couple of quotes from the article.

The 2016 game was a big success for Campo Santo.
The 2016 game was a big success for Campo Santo.

"Firewatch is a stunning accomplishment, a beautiful and heartbreaking piece of art," said Calder. "I'm delighted that Sean and Jake are letting us ruin their perfect video game by turning it into a movie and/or TV show."

"Jess and Keith are hard-working and visionary film producers with impeccable taste in video games," added Vanaman."Not unlike when we met Joe Drake and the team at Good Universe in 2016, we knew in our first conversation with Jess and Keith that they'd make great partners. We have no doubt in their expertise, their taste and their passion and assume that our experience as so-so game developers will make us first-rate producing partners."

To say we're intrigued would be an understatement. Firewatch was both of the best looking indie games of that year, as well as one of the best-sellers among indie game titles. To get a film based off it would be amazing, but considering the nature of the game, they'd have to find a lead actor who could embody that role and not overplay it, as the story is more about the forest than the man.

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