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Cannes Jury Announced – Welcome To Miami
The 2017 Cannes Jury has been announced and it has both words and letters in it that mention the names of people. //Source //c RR Being an esteemed executive producer that has taken a short film to said festival, I thought it best that this news come from me Here's the Cannes announcement: Under the presidency of the Spanish[...]
Cannes Dispatch Part One: Party Girl, Timbuktu And Grace Of Monaco
Craig Skinner is at the Cannes film festival, reporting for Bleeding Cool. The Cannes Film Festival opened on Wednesday evening with Olivier Dahan's Grace of Monaco and it was a less than auspicious start. The film stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, the movie star who became a princess and joins her long after the wedding and[...]
Cannes 2013: The Immigrant Is Slow And Emotionless
Peter Willis writes for Bleeding Cool. In what was my final full day at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, I was up early for the hotly anticipated James Gray period drama, The Immigrant. Upon arriving at the shores of Manhattan in the 1920's, Polish immigrant Ewa, played by Marion Cotillard, is separated from her sister, Magda, who[...]
Cannes 2013: Only God Forgives Is A Stylistic Bore But All Is Lost Saves The Day
This year, the Danish director returned to the Cannes once more to compete for the Palme d'Or with Only God Forgives, another collaboration with Ryan Gosling. Many who turned up for this morning's 8.30am screening were expecting something special Prior to the curtain rolling back there was a tangible sense of anticipation in the air[...]
Cannes 2013: Borgman Is Devilishly Intriguing And Malicious
Peter Willis writes for Bleeding Cool. Borgman arrived at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival this morning as the first Dutch contender for the Palme d'Or in 38 years And, though unlikely to walk away with any of the top honours, it will no doubt be one of the most talked movies of the festival – if[...]
Cannes 2013: An Impressive Miele With An Unsavoury Stranger By The Lake
Peter Willis writes for Bleeding Cool Arriving a little late to the party, I got my 2013 Cannes Film Festival underway today, with the double treat of an actual on-screen birth and enough non-simulated sex scenes to fill the seediest backstreet sex tavern And this without the presence of outcast Lars Von Trier. Nestled between these less[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: Zombie Ass
After reading Hanna Shaw-Williams' roundup of the most ridiculous movie posters at Cannes this year, I couldn't resist looking up the trailer for Zombie Ass It does not disappoint: [youtube][/youtube] Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Cosplay Round-Up: Phoenix Comicon, Day Two  It's the second day of cosplay fun at Phoenix Comicon! The number of folks in costume was a bit[...]
Cannes Report: Dracula 3D Is Ludicrous Fun, The Sapphires A Hidden Gem
Peter Willis writes for Bleeding Cool. Not many movies shown at Cannes can claim to have as high a walkout rate as Dario Argento achieved at this afternoon's screening of his Dracula 3D At one point it actually became a distraction, though it wasn't a completely unwelcome one It added to the experience, somewhat, as did[...]
Cannes Report: Lawless With Hardy And LaBeouf Is Violent But Stunning
Peter Willis is our man in Cannes He is the co-owner of WhatCulture and will bringing you daily coverage of the 65th Cannes Film Festival You will find him occasionally tweeting@peter_willis. It seems like Lawless might be a bit of a marmite affair As with Drive 12 months ago, it's dividing critics right down the line[...]