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The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1
Oh, and if you are a fan of WicDiv, then you HAVE to get this issue. The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1 cover by Jamie McKelvie Okay, The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1 from Image Comics by Kieron Gillen, Kris Anka, Jen Bartel, Dee Cunniffe, Matt Wilson, Rachel Stott, Ludwig Olimba, Tamra Bonvillain,[...]
Alex De Campi Teases Twisted Romance, A New Comic Coming In February
A little surprise coming your way in Feb from me and some pals 💖 — Alex de Campi (@alexdecampi) October 16, 2017 To which we're already inclined to say: As we can also see in the cover fragments, Meredith McClaren, Trungles, Naomi Salmon, and Sarah Winifred Searle are also involved, and it seems reasonably safe to assume[...]
"Just As Bloody As The Last" No Mercy's New ARC Begins December 9th
Predator), with art by, Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), and colors by Jenn Manley Lee (Dicebox), No Mercy is sure to continue to grab readers attention. Writer Alex de Campi had this to say about the new arc: "The new arc of No Mercy is just as bloody as the last, and widens the tension out to bring[...]
Alex de Campi And Carla Speed McNeil Bring New Story Arc In No Mercy #5
No Mercy, the on-going Image series from Alex de Campi, Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee is kicking off a new story arc with issue #5 this December where Gina finds her spirit animal If you're not familiar with the series, Image has sent out this nice little recap paragraph along with a few[...]
Advance Review: No Mercy May Make You Hate Yourself, Plus Preview
Predator and how artist Carla Speed McNeil can lull you into a false sense of security with a kind of mesmerizing calm Jenn Manley Lee on colors is also bringing in a kind of vivid palette that is almost a warning that things aren't quite safe. I think we know from the start that this is[...]
Alex De Campi And Carla Speed McNeil's No Mercy, Announced At Image Expo
This cold be my favourite creative team announcement of the Expo. No Mercy by Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil on art Eight issues for the first volume, beginning in April… Kids on a trip College kids, on the way to do charity work abroad, their bus falls off a mountain It gets worse. Get the details[...]
Wait A Minute. Is That Milk And Cheese In A My Little Pony Comic?
By Evan Dorkin. Good job Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil We'll destroy those little girl's minds, reference by reference. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London This week hosting an art battle between Savage Pencil and Chris Long, commencing this evening.. Battle of the Eyes (Savage Pencil & Chris Long) will be in residence from Wednesday evening,[...]
In One Week In Two Weeks – My Little Pony: Friends Forever
Next week sees the release of Elfquest: Final Quest, Deadly Class, All-New Invaders,  and Empire Of The Dead, the new My Little Pony: Friends Forever (by Alex DeCampi and Carla Speed McNeil), Jack Hammer and Bad Ass. While the week after brings us Furious, more Miracleman and Warheads… DARK HORSE COMICS AMALAS BLADE SPIRITS OF NAAMARON TP $18.99 BLADE OF[...]
Alex De Campi And Carla Speed McNeil To Create Second Ongoing My Little Pony Comic
Recently, Bleeding Cool favourite Alex De Campi has been writing Grindhouse for Dark Horse, a series of nasty, exploitative, seedy and downright disturbing comics. It's not that much of a jump to writing My Little Pony. And she's joined on art by one of my favourite comics artists, Carla Speed McNeil from Finder, on IDW's second ongoing[...]
Carla Speed McNeil Joins Alex De Campi's Ashes
The good news: Carla Speed McNeil is taking over his pages For me, personally, this is a SQUEE!!!!!! moment of epic proportions And she's drawing a massive action scene in Africa with crocodiles and all sorts of critters. Carla Speed McNeil is a personal favourite creator of mine as well I may join in the squeeing[...]
Finder: Voice Is… by Greg Baldino
Finder: Voice is... The latest volume in Carla Speed McNeil's creator-owned series, originally self-published as a black and white comic before moving to