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The Bleeding Cool San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Rumour Checklist
Here are a few of them, in a handwritten checklist so that you can jot down how many Bleeding Cool got right – and how many we got wrong! And, as ever, how many won;t actually be confirmed or denied for many moons to come… Have a great show everyone! I'll be watching from all the way[...]
Checking The NYCC Rumour Checklist – Things We Got Right And Things We Got Wrong
There were a number of female-focused comic books announced by Marvel, including Erica Henderson on Squirrel Girl who we had mentioned earlier – but not those on the checklist Not yet, anyway  DC were hardly interested in announcing anything… As for other stories, Spider-Gwen gets her own series but she's not taking over Peter Parker in[...]
Checking The Marvel NOW! Rumour Checklist
Thanks to Tom Huxley for the Photoshop job on the Marvel NOW! weekly relaunch news. So how is the checklist coming along? Some hits, some misses… and it's possible Essad Ribic will return for one of the arc on the bi-weekly Avengers book But you know what? I'm happy enough… Catch up on all of our Marvel[...]
Avengers Vs X-Men Checklist
Given the ordering incentives that Marvel have instigated for Avengers Vs X-Men, its respective crossovers, and the six figure numbers ordered by retailers, it shouldn't be too hard to find a copy of the comics if that's what you're interested in. But just so you can keep track, here's the Avengers Vs X-Men checklist so you[...]