"CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling" Announces October Launch Date

"CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling" Announces October Launch Date

Last month we learned that VICO Game Studio was working on CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling. This month, we got a release date. The company will be releasing the game on Steam on October 8th, 2019. On top of that, we got a new gameplay video from newLegacyINC, which you can check out below! Here's a […]

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VICO Game Studio Announces "CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling"

VICO Game Studio announced this morning that they will be releasing CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling this fall on PC for Steam. CAAW is inspired by the speed and quick button action of arcade wrestling games over the years, combined with the cast of the official CHIKARA wrestlers. A closed beta will happen in August, which […]

Joey Styles Cleanses Twitter Even As Some Wrestling Veterans Come To His Defense

Earlier this week, we told you about former ECW announcer Joey Styles and his firing from three different wrestling organizations in the wake of controversial comments he made at pro wrestling event Evolve 72. Referencing comments made by President Elect Donald Trump in a leaked tape prior to the election, Styles told ring announcer Joanna Rose, […]

Oh My God! ECW Announcer Joey Styles Fired From EVOLVE For Trump-like Comments

From 1993 to 2001, Joey Styles was the voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling, with his trademark shout of "Oh my god!" whenever the company's hardcore wrestlers performed a particularly nasty piece of violence. But today, it's Styles' own Extreme comments that have thrust the 45-year-old wrestling legend back into the spotlight. At pro wrestling organization […]