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Rick and Morty Companion Podcast Live: EPISODE #409 – CHILDRICK OF MORT
Director Kyounghee Lim, writer James Siciliano, background lead Robbie Erwin, and lead post supervisor David Marshall were all kind enough to set up shop for the Rick and Morty Companion Podcast Live to talk all things "Childrick of Mort" From scenes that didn't make the cut and impossible action scenes to the problems with animating[...]
Inside the Episode: Childrick of Mort | Rick and Morty | adult swim
If that wasn't clear enough over the past (almost) four seasons, we were served up another example of that on Sunday night's episode of Rick and Morty, "Childrick of Mort" Putting aside the obvious metaphorical cigarette-flick-to-the-eye of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and the idea of having sex with planets, once again we have[...]
Spring Break Camping | Rick and Morty | adult swim
So with that in mind, this Sunday's "Childrick of Mort" finds Rick being forced to join the family on a spring break vacation If it's any consolation, it doesn't look like Summer or Morty are too thrilled with the plan But for Jerry, it's about taking a "bong rip of Nature" and roughing it[...]
Inside the Episode: The Vat of Acid Episode | Rick and Morty | adult swim
Now, the episode's director and writers, along with series co-creator Dan Harmon, offer their episode post-mortem in the clip below: from the practical reasons to use an acid pit to Hair being given the space to deal with some deep-rooted some Alive issues: An Acidic Deal | Rick and Morty | adult swim Which brings us to[...]