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Child's Play Reboot Gets Release Date in Cyber Monday Announcement
Kind of genuis to announce the release date of the upcoming Child's Play reboot film on Cyber Monday, considering it's about a murderous doll. Posted this morning by the official Child's Play movie Twitter account, this 15 second video has a waving redheaded Buddi doll with some upbeat music and a date: He's more than a toy…he's your best[...]
First Image of Child's Play Reboot Shows Off New Chucky
Things are moving quickly on that MGM reboot of Child's Play apparently, so quickly in fact that a first look image of the red-headed murderous doll, Chucky. This first look image teases a new version of Chucky, still with those piercing blue eyes and signature carrot top: Production is underway on the Child's Play reboot which will be directed[...]