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Sniff-Testing Frozen Easter Eggs With The Film's Directors – From Fragonard To The Watchmen

[caption id="attachment_306149" align="alignright" width="274"] Fragonard's The Swing[/caption]Yesterday, I sat down with Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the extraordinarily talented directors of Disney's Frozen I'll be bringing you lots more from them both over the next few days, but let's get started with a wee bit of fun.The following comes from the end of our chat,[...]

New UK Poster For Disney's Frozen Hints At Character Comedy

As you'll see, this poster for Disney's Frozen features an awful lot of ice, and a snowman behaving like it's summertime. I'll be able to go into a lot more detail next week, when an embargo lifts, but for now, let me tell you that one of the big comedy threads at the heart the […]

Video: Frozen Animation Test, Concept Art And Director's Intro

Since then, Chris Buck has been joined by Jennifer Lee as a co-director.I'm really not sure at all why Disney have released this.. but I'm certainly happy that they have. This has been published on the Greek YouTube channel for Walt Disney Animation On any other account I would have assumed it was a sneaky[...]

Disney Gives Wreck-It Ralph Writer Co-Directing Gig On Their Next Movie

Chris Buck is to get a co-director on Frozen According to a new press release from Disney, Jennifer Lee will be adding to her co-writing duties on the film to also take the second seat at the film's top table.Lee worked on the script for Wreck-It Ralph, and also has live action films in the[...]

First Look At Character Art For Disney's Frozen

well, we knew it was bunk.Here, though, you can get some idea of what approach Chris Buck and co are taking with their loose adaptation of The Snow Queen I'm glad this stuff has started to bubble up now.Here's Elsa and Anna, the sisters at the centre of the story Elsa is voiced by Idina[...]

Updated Synopsis For Walt Disney's Frozen Reveals New Characters And Plot Twists

Joined by a rugged, thrill-seeking outdoorsman, his one-antlered reindeer and a hapless snowman, Anna must race against time, conquer the elements and battle an army of menacing snowmen if she ever hopes to melt her frozen heart.That's Disney's current official description of the film.So, that Snow Queen character remains, but everything else is stepping further[...]