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Doctor Who's Chris Chibnall Adapting Agatha Christie for Netflix
Former Doctor Who  showrunner Chris Chibnall has landed his new TV gig after launching a stage play (his third) and sold his first novel: he's adapting Agatha Christie's murder mystery (what else would you expect from her?) The Seven Dials Mystery for Netflix The series will be written by Chibnall and executive produced by The Crown executive producer[...]
Chibnall Forgot To Write For Doctor Who - Daily LITG 10th August 2022
Chris Chibnall, writer and former showrunner for Doctor Who, when Jodie Whittaker played the Doctor, as well as Law And Order UK, Life on Mars, Torchwood and creator of the TV series Broadchurch, and comic strip writer, has just sold his new novel at auction, Death at the White Hart, apparently revolves around a "web[...]
Doctor Who: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT Still Have the Same Flaws
She appeared in another direct-to-DVD unofficial spinoff sequel, 2004's Dæmos Rising, as the lead, still a civilian and working with an ex-UNIT to investigate a village haunting and tangling with an enemy of the Third Doctor. When "Doctor Who" Introduced Kate Stewart 2.0 It was Chris Chibnall who brought Kate to the new series of Doctor[...]
Doctor Who: New Year’s Day is Not Good for The Doctor
Whoever edits these compilation videos might be an unsung secret critic of the series in its ups and downs. Doctor Who New Year's Special key artl: BBC Chris Chibnall was the one who made Doctor Who New Year's Day Specials a thing Unfortunately, all three of his specials were mediocre They turned New Year's Day in the[...]
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Steven Moffat made sure the script of "The Day of the Doctor", the 50th Anniversary event, would make a crossover matter, tackling not just continuity lore (and also restoring Gallifrey before Chris Chibnall blew it all up again later), and even finding a way to give every known Doctor and incoming new Doctor Peter Capaldi a[...]
Doctor Who Christmas Specials: BBC Reminds Us the Show is Christmassy
For some reason, when Chris Chibnall took over as showrunner, they stopped doing Christmas specials and relegated the annual special to New Year's Day, which always involved a Dalek invasion We should probably be grateful we didn't get mediocre Christmas Specials for three years. Now that we think about it, how many times a year can[...]
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Chris Chibnall hinted at it but always avoided addressing it directly Rather than retcon or ignore things Chibnall wrote that so many fans hated to the point of obsession, Davies acknowledged it and used it to add even more depth and pathos to the Doctor's tragedy Donna gets her own moment about her doubts and[...]
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Chris Chibnall may have said – only once – that The Doctor is nonbinary, but he always shied away from it on the show Here Davies declares it loud and proud in the show on top of the supporting and compassionate treatment of Rose, knowing it's going to give certain idiots out there heart attacks[...]
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Or rather, perhaps they needed to leave to come back for another hurrah. Doctor Who and Pudsey: BBC It's only a five-minute episode or comedy sketch, yet it shows what we've missed for nearly five years: consistently surprising and hilarious Doctor Who, despite Chris Chibnall's best efforts to keep the show on course Comedian Mawaan Rizwan sells[...]
Doctor Who: Another Look at Regenerations Before the 60th Anniversary
Davies, Steven Moffat, and Chris Chibnall made sure of that. "Doctor Who": BBC In the old show, regenerations were filmed by just placing the actors who played the Doctors in the same position as they lay on the floor and using simple video editing to cross-fade and some chromakey effects to show the transformation from the dying[...]
Doctor Who: Will the 60th Anniversary Specials Debut First in Asia?
BBC America, which co-financed the series from Series Five (Matt Smith and Steven Moffat's first season) to Series Thirteen (Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall's final season), would live-broadcast the show on the same day but in the evening in the US, hours after the UK premiere before going to streaming Disney+ co-financing and licensing the[...]
Doctor Who: BBC Releases Compilation Video of Dalek Exterminations
And in a big interview with The Mirror, he has suggested that maybe it's time the Daleks (and the Cybermen) take a break. Look! It's Daleks from "Doctor Who"! Credit: BBC America "I do think we've had a lot of Daleks lately," he explained, adding that all of Chris Chibnall's New Year's Day specials had them as[...]
Doctor Who: The Timeless Child Did the Show a Huge Favour
Previous showrunner Chris Chibnall dropped the big surprise in the Doctor's origin story during "Flux," where he revealed that The Doctor was a child who showed up in Gallifrey from an unknown place and was immortal, introducing the ability to regenerate to Gallifreyan society that enabled the whole race to live forever long enough to[...]
Doctor Who: The Fun of the Cybermen
Steven Moffat made them almost comic foils sometimes without altering them, and then Chris Chibnall made their detachable heads even deadlier by having them fly as squads, on top of introducing Ashad, the Lone Cyberman who's broken and returns with his personality, which was already evil before he became a Cyberman He was more than[...]
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But another reason to check it out – and a huge reason to check out the clip below – is that the event included "The Three Showrunners" – Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall & Russell T Davies. Image: BBC Screencap In the following clip, the trio who crafted the long-running show's return and (hopefully) bright future discuss how[...]
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Director Jamie Childs was tasked with helping to usher in the Jodie Whittaker era, starting with the 2018 Series 11 premiere "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" under the guidance of showrunner Chris Chibnall Childs, who would later work on HBO's His Dark Materials, Netflix's The Sandman, and Disney+'s Willow, proceeded to direct three more[...]
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Davies, Steven Moffat & Chris Chibnall having a showrunner reunion during Doctor Who @ 60: A Musical Celebration Held at BBC Hoddinott Hall in Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff (with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the BBC Singers, conducted by Alastair King), the concert celebrated the musical history of the long-running series and featured[...]
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It also created a very cool moment that RTD captured & shared on Instagram. Image: BBC With the caption, "The three showrunners!" RTD posted an image of himself with Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall – and with it being the season of the show's 60th anniversary, it just feels right Here's a look at the post from[...]
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Davies, Steven Moffat, and Chris Chibnall have leaned into this theme more deeply than in the older version of the show The Ninth Doctor sacrifices himself to save Rose (Billie Piper) The Tenth Doctor falters with a moment's hesitation before he sacrifices himself to save Wilf (Bernard Cribbins) The Eleventh Doctor gives up the last[...]
Shin, Queen of the Sea: Tsui Hark to Produce Chinese Pirate Queen Epic
He then directed and produced Water Gate Bridge (2022), the film grossed $556 million, making it the highest-grossing film of 2022. "I couldn't be more excited to tackle the vastly cinematic and almost unbelievable story of Shih Yang, who, as Anthony superbly tells it, and as history confirms, rose from being a poor worker on a[...]
The Fourteenth Doctor And More Changes Coming For Doctor Who
So with the show looking to spend the next few months embracing its past before moving ahead with a bright future, some fans are wondering why The Guardian felt the need to take what they felt was a cheap shot at previous showrunner Chris Chibnall's expense. BBC PR Doctor Who In The Guardian's Autumn 2023 Top TV[...]
Doctor Who: Jo Martin's Fugitive Doctor is the One We Want Next
The BBC released a compilation video of Series Twelve of Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker & Chris Chibnall's season, and it's interesting to consider it in retrospect That series was a season full of potential and promise, but Chibnall just couldn't stick the landing The problem being that he didn't really come up with anything new,[...]
Doctor Who: The Thasmin Love Story is how the ‘Shippers Saved the Show
Steven Moffat introduced River Song (Alex Kingston) to make the Doctor an overtly romantic figure at last. It was really Chris Chibnall who pushed the Doctor's romance with a companion in a surprising and groundbreaking way – the first LGBTQ romance the Doctor had with her companion Jodie Whittaker pushed for "Thasmin" when she saw what[...]
Jodie Whittaker as The Thirteenth Doctor in
Davies as Davies works with Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson on a new series of adventures isn't lost on previous showrunner Chris Chibnall. Image: BBC "I think you have to be very OK with – you do your work on the show during your time, and the moment you step away, the moment you stop, then nothing[...]
Doctor Who is Really about Monsters and the People Who Turn into Them
Davies, Steven Moffat, and Chris Chibnall were all very hip to the metaphors of the monsters they wrote, more knowingly than the classic show, though the writers then knew it too The modern show was more postmodern about it all. Thus, the victims who turned into gas mask monsters during the Blitz in World War II[...]
Doctor Who: Chris Noth was already the Series' Donald Trump Stand-in
Sound familiar? Robertson appeared in two episodes during Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker's run In "Arachnids in the UK," he was investing in a major new hotel that turned out to house a giant spider and its offspring He was the horror of gentrification and corporate takeovers His next appearance was in the second New Year's[...]
Doctor Who: Flux Nearly Shelved, Whittaker Turned Down Jobs: Chibnall
So for this go-around, we're taking a look back to the immediate past with previous showrunner Chris Chibnall, who exited the show along with then-Doctor Jodie Whittaker with the special, "The Power of The Doctor." But before that, there was the six-part, serialized Series 13, and now we're learning from Chibnall that the series was[...]
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The latter doesn't have a regeneration to or from whichever Doctor she came from or would change to because her creator Chris Chibnall has left her place in canon mysterious, knowing fans would speculate and obsess endlessly for years Hell, for the rest of history, as long as there are any fans left Some believe[...]
Doctor Who to Disney/Marvel Studios: We Can Do Superhero Moments, Too!
That became how Davies, Steven Moffat, and Chris Chibnall presented The Doctor, the one who takes charge, the one who actively works to figure out how to save the day, and, of course, makes speeches Speeches are a thing for superheroes now The BBC YouTube channel put together three moments featuring The Doctor being The[...]