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Doctor Who: Series 12 Trailer

Doctor Who Series 12 Scripts Now Available Online For Free

That was the season where showrunner Chris Chibnall put his foot down and changed the entire history and lore of the show with a major retcon Now, the BBC has released all the scripts of the season for free for all to read The scripts can be found on the BBC’s Writers' Room website.  The[...]

Jodie Whittaker's Doctor from Doctor Who Series 12, courtesy of BBC.

New Doctor Who Story Finds 13th Doctor and Companions In Isolation

Following Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall, and Pete McTighe's online tales, Cornell's "The Shadow Passes" finds Jodie Whittaker's Doctor and her companions dealing with being trapped in an underground bunker for three weeks after a "Death Moon" forces our heroes and the population of the planet Calapia to seek shelter As the Doctor[...]

Sacha Dhawan stars as The Master in Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who Series 12 Moments Exactly The Self-Care We Need Right Now

And showrunner Chris Chibnall pretty much confirmed his intentions for the show.[caption id="attachment_1168343" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Doctor and The Master face off in the Series 12 finale to Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.[/caption] Watching Doctor Who is Self-Care We’ve arrived at the point where Doctor Who is officially part of the world’s self-care regime during the coronavirus pandemic[...]

"Doctor Who": BBC Offers Fans Series 12 "Big Moments" Recap [VIDEO]

It’s like a quick flash with some commentary from showrunner Chris Chibnall and producer Matt Strevens And they don’t say much that’s interesting or insightful They just gush That’s fair enough They made the show, after all, and they busted their humps doing it It’s really more like an extended highlights trailer for the season,[...]

"Doctor Who": Pete McTighe Short Story "Reunites" The Doctor, Susan

Doctor Who fans aren't the kind of folks to let self-quarantining and social distancing keep them from showing their love and appreciation for the series. What's really added to that sense of "global community" is how the writers, producers, actors, and others have joined in on the festivities – from live-tweet rewatches with the likes […]

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"Doctor Who": Russell T Davies Pens "Rose" Prequel for Anniversary

Following up on Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker offering some timely advice and showrunner Chris Chibnall posting an original short story involving the 13th Doctor's regneration, Russell T Davies has penned and posted a prequel to "Rose" - the episode that marked the series.[caption id="attachment_1184705" align="alignnone" width="2000"] BBC America[/caption]In the following intro, Davies retraces the[...]

"Doctor Who": Chris Chibnall Posts New 13th Doctor Short Story Online

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall did his part to ease fans' fears and concerns over the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Wednesday, posting a short story starring the Doctor that speaks of hardship, strength, and the "regenerative energy" inside each of us to get through these "strange times" (as Chibnall wrote in his accompanying letter).With[...]

"Doctor Who": The REAL Revelations of "The Timeless Children" [OPINION]

I’m slightly surprised no one else seemed to pick up on them or discussed them, so I might as well.[caption id="attachment_1168343" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Sacha Dhawan as The Master - Doctor Who _ Season 12, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America[/caption] “The Doctor is Non-Binary” When he and the cast[...]

“Doctor Who”: Could We Get a Ruth Doctor Spinoff? [Speculation]

"Doctor Who": Could We Get a "Ruth Doctor" Spinoff? [OPINION]

Fans loved her and took to her immediately.This Doctor might just be the best thing showrunner Chris Chibnall created for the show - giving himself a lot of options for what to do with her I wonder if he’s going to use any of them. A "Doctor Who" Spinoff Show? This Doctor could very easily carry her[...]

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"Doctor Who": Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole May Not Be "Gone" Gone After All [UPDATE]

Mandip Gill's Yaz is expected to return, joining Jodie Whittaker's Doctor and showrunner Chris Chibnall for Series 13.Though the special has apparently been filmed, details of their departure are being kept under wraps - with the UK media news site reporting there's a very strong possibility that Walsh and Cole could return as recurring characters[...]

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"Doctor Who": Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole Exiting After "Revolution of the Daleks"; Mandip Gill Remaining [REPORT]

Only a day after Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall offered fans a tease for upcoming special "Revolution of the Daleks" (expected to materilize late 2020/early 2021, holiday season), we're getting news that not all of the Doctor's (Jodie Whittaker) companions will be back for Series 13.[caption id="attachment_1163926" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Bradley Walsh[...]

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"Doctor Who": So Could Missy Actually Be The Master's Final Regeneration?

He knows he’s obligated to put them back in the box for his successor to use should Chris Chibnall choose to Moffat has said that he’s content to let fans fill in the holes anyway they see fit.Fans keep asking how Missy could have regenerated into Dhawan's Master That’s been the assumption[...]

“Doctor Who”: BBC Collects The Cybermen’s Appearances [Video]

"Doctor Who" Offers Tour of Cybermen Upgrades Over the Years [VIDEO]

And now Jodie Whittaker's Doctor is getting a lot of Cyberman action.If Chris Chibnall’s teases are anything to go by, the 13th Doctor might suffer her worst losses.It’s all about "the feels" these days, and the Cybermen unfeelingly bring them to fans. Marketing synergy: that’s why the BBC knows what to do with Doctor Who[...]

"Doctor Who" Series 12: Chris Chibnall Reveals Series 13 Clues Planted in Season Finale

For this go-around, we have none other than showrunner Chris Chibnall - who's finished talking cybermen and now has a few things to say about.. Series 13?[caption id="attachment_1163953" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Patrick O'Kane as Ashad, Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor - Doctor Who _ Season 12, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Ben Blackall/BBC Studios/BBC America[/caption]For fans[...]