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Civilization VI
2K Games has announced that Firaxis Games' Civilization 6 is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. I think most people who have played a Civilization game know it's thrall There you are, it's late afternoon and you set up your first city You'll only play until dinner, you have some TV shows to catch[...]
Civilization 6: Rise and Fall has announced a new civilization and leader in the form of the Cree and Poundmaker. Firaxis has said it will be bringing eight new Civs and nine new leaders to its upcoming expansion, and the Cree make the newest faction to join the roster With the Cree, players will take on[...]
Civilization VI
Civilization 6 has found its way onto iPad today, working on some of the more powerful units More than that, though, you'll be able to try the first portion of a game for free. Coming alongside other high profile iOS releases of late like Inside and Life is Strange (not Cuphead), it seems a great time[...]
Civilization VI
Civilization 6 came out last year, with developer Firaxis slowly tweaking and adding content to reach the game's full potential While the title didn't seem to bang as hotly with the community as Civilization 5 did, what's there now is a stellar 4x title It's about to get better, too. Finally, the game's first expansion has[...]
Civilization 6 Introduces Germany Faction In New Video
The Civilization 6 roster is growing fast Leaders and nations are being added ever increasingly, and unsurprsingly a new one has just been announced during Gamescom. Fittingly, the new nation is Germany, who get the leader Frederick Barbarossa, the once King and Empreror The civilization, as before, is focused on industry with a slant towards military too. You[...]
Watch Nearly An Hour And A Half Of Civilization 6 Gameplay
Many of us are quite excited to lose a decent portion of our lives to Civilization 6, I am quite sure The series has a habit of doing that to people, and usually with no regrets. If you want a good look at just 88 minutes continuous play looks like in the title, head here This[...]
Civilization 6 Has Been Announced And It's Out This Year
Civilization 6 has been announced today, and best of all, it's out this year It will release in October 21st on PC It seems the biggest change, or at least the biggest change Firaxis is currently talking about, is how cities work No longer are they just tiles you build on, but subdivisions in which[...]