The Cree are Coming to Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Expansion

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall has announced a new civilization and leader in the form of the Cree and Poundmaker.


Firaxis has said it will be bringing eight new Civs and nine new leaders to its upcoming expansion, and the Cree make the newest faction to join the roster. With the Cree, players will take on the role of Poundmaker. The character is a trade and alliance focused one, and as with the real-life figure, there is a particular emphasis on diplomacy. Poundmaker's trait 'Favorable Terms' allows him shared visibility with allies. The Cree ability is the Nihithaw, provides free trade routes once Pottery is discovered, as well as the ability to claim up to three tiles.

On top of Diplomacy, it seems a lot of these abilities are also focused on some pretty aggressive early game expansion. You're going to need those diplomacy skills to keep your neighbours happy once you own a third of the map by turn 30. You can check out all of the new abilities in this announcement video below.

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall is out February 8.

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