Civilization 6's First Expansion Announced: Rise And Fall

Civilization 6 came out last year, with developer Firaxis slowly tweaking and adding content to reach the game's full potential. While the title didn't seem to bang as hotly with the community as Civilization 5 did, what's there now is a stellar 4x title. It's about to get better, too.

Finally, the game's first expansion has been announced, going by the name Rise and Fall. It's set for February 8th and will focus on 'Golden Ages' and 'Dark Ages'. These will be initiated by 'Historical Moments', all providing bonuses and challenges to your play.

On top of all this, the expansion will add nine leaders and eight new civilizations as well as a whole host of new natural wonders, units, buildings, and resources.

You can watch the cinematic announcement trailer here:

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