Civilization 6 Has Been Announced And It's Out This Year

The Civilization series has, more or less, owned the 4X genre since its inception. It's such a big title in the genre, and endures for good reason: it's bloody great. Civ V is over now though, and Beyond Earth seemed like a bit of a side step, leaving us to wonder, what's next?

Well wonder no more. Civilization 6 has been announced today, and best of all, it's out this year. It will release in October 21st on PC. It seems the biggest change, or at least the biggest change Firaxis is currently talking about, is how cities work. No longer are they just tiles you build on, but subdivisions in which to specialise your great holds.

Take a look at the announcement trailer here. It won't show you much of the game, but it is a nice little announcement stunt.