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Developer ClockStone and publisher Thunderful Games have released a new DLC pack for LEGO Bricktales, giving players new content with a summer theme This isn't the first time the game has received some fun free content for players to check out, as they did the same thing a few months ago for Easter That DLC[...]
LEGO Bricktales Releases New Free DLC Pack This Week
Thunderful Publishing, along with developer ClockStone and The LEGO Group, have released a new free DLC pack for LEGO Bricktales, just in time for Easter The pack will add in a number of different Easter-related items and activities, including a giant bunny, eggs to be found all over the place, special designs that you can[...]
Bridge Constructor Portal art
As part of a new sale going on for the game on Steam, ClockStone added a brand new update that now adds a level editor, so you can create your own insanely challenging levels and share them online for people to attempt to solve. The developers didn't really add a bunch of details about the new update,[...]
Bridge Constructor Portal art
Today it was revealed by ClockStone Headup Games the Bridge Constructor Portal will be receiving a physical release that contains more content While the digital version is around $15, the physical copy will be released for PS4 and Xbox One for $30. On top of the primary game, they will also receive Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Stunts, so you're basically getting[...]
Portal Over Troubled Waters: We Review Bridge Constructor Portal
Crossover games. They're the Jetsons Meet The Flintstones version of interactive media. When you get two cool time-killing games like Bridge Constructor and Portal together to form their own game in the aptly titled Bridge Constructor Portal, one would expect awesome things to come from this. Right?