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Boo-Wave Halloween Decorations for the Musical-Loving Goth
It's like all the companies suddenly realized people will spend their adult-monies on adult-priced and quality home decor and collectables. And then there are artists like Matthew Lineham, who has some AMAZING pieces for Halloween that specifically speak to the 80's Goth in all of us. Called the Boo-Wave collection, there are beautiful pieces of original art[...]
And You Thought Cereal Boxes Were Just For The Toys Inside
In the stores, the manufacturers began using tie-ins back to the commercials, with mascots (like Kellogg's Tony the Tiger) and using imagery from their shows (or offering in-box toy surprises, like decoder rings). There's always been a small market for the boxes as collectables – be it for the sports star on the box, the baseball[...]