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Magic: The Gathering: In A World Without Combos, Ruination Reigns
A few days ago, our tabletop writer Josh Nelson heard an interesting question posed in the wake of a series of significant (and arguably poorly-timed) bans in Magic: The Gathering: "What would happen if every combo in Magic was suddenly banned from all formats of the game?" Josh believes that ruin would follow The game would[...]
Batman #40 Combo Delayed In USA And Cancelled In UK
Which is handy because that won't include the Combo copies that contain digital codes, polybagged for a dollar extra, that usually take up about ten percent of orders. And while US stores will get their copies a week later, the UK is completely out of luck. We have been advised that due to a printing error, Diamond UK will[...]
Bye Bye To DC's Combo Digital Comics?
Since the DC relaunch back in October 2011, DC Comics have published "Combo" editions of certain titles While Marvel gives away digital versions of their comics with each $3.99 title, DC Comics rather sells $2.99 books and charges an extra $1 for a bagged version with a digital code Or $4.99 for a normally $3.99[...]
DC Announces Digital Print Combo Packs For Batman And Action Comics Too
DC Comics have been selling print/digital combo packs of Justice League #1 for $4.99, giving readers a print copy of the comic and a digital order code, for $1 more than the print price. At the New York Comic Con Retailer's Breakfast, courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors, DC Comcsi announced that in January, DC will extend[...]
Justice League #1 Hits eBay – Hard
And the combo pack with a cover price of $4.99 is now selling for over $16. Right now copies of Justice League #1 first print, still available at many shops for the cover price of $3.99, is selling, selling for $8 plus shipping. But if you managed to get a copy signed at the Midtown Comics[...]