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Comichaus has been supporting indie and small press comics now for a while, but it seems that websites are not enough — they are now entering the digital comics app marketplace. As such, they will soon be launching a beta for their new application, and they have shared this press release with us with details of[...]
Comichaus – The Streaming App For Discovering Indie Comics
Pete Genepool writes, A quick intro to us – Comichaus is a 44 page B&W British anthology that features six stories each month from indie creators We have established legends doing the covers to tempt in new readers and so far Glenn Fabry, John McCrea, Carlos Ezquerra, Steve Yeowell, Gary Erskine, Tess Fowler and Boo Cook[...]
Sizing Up Comichaus, A New Comic Book Marketplace Online
By Olly MacNamee Launched on July 1st and developed by indie music label The Genepool, aims to help comic book fans and collectors better organize their collection as well as track down any missing issues you may need to complete a particular run For new and independent comic book creators it also intends to allow[...]