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Cover image for PAST LAST MOUNTAIN #1 (OF 4) CVR B JOYCE
And now he is bringing his new comic book to CEX – or Comix Experience – drawn by Louie Joyce and Gannon Beck for a geopolitical fantasy, which ticks all the boxes for a comic book I want to read, called Past The Last Mountain. Originally part of Th3rd World Studios' 2014 offering, to be drawn[...]
Brian Hibbs Closes One Comix Experience Store In San Francisco
Brian Hibbs, one of the longest-serving comic book retailers in the direct market, a major voice and influencer in the industry, and the guy who successfully led a class lawsuit against Marvel Comics and won, is closing one of his Comix Experience stores in San Francisco Just one of them, mind He posts to Facebook; Due[...]
When DC Comics Chased Away Retailers - Brian Hibbs Looks Back on 2020
Brian Hibbs is the Owner of Comix Experience and Comix Experience Outpost comics shops in San Francisco, which he has owned and run for thirty-two years this year He also runs the Graphic Novel of The Month book club, was one of the founders of ComicsPRO, famously led a successful million-dollar-plus Class Action lawsuit against[...]
Brian Hibbs, Released From Hospital, Days After Heart Attack
He opened his San Francisco store Comix Experience aged 21, in April 1989 As well as being a prominent and outspoken voice for comic book retailing, and being on the vanguard of creating graphic novel stores he also launched a class action lawsuit against Marvel Comics – which he won, changing the way all comic[...]
The San Francisco comic book chain Comix Experience has been commissioning cartoons by Emma Munger to put in their still-closed store windows and on social media, a new one every day Here are the first four. 🕸💥 Spidey and Iron Man with some sound advice! Everyone stay safe out there! #MaskUp — Comix Experience (@comixexperience) April[...]
Brian Hibbs Of Comix Experience Buys Comics Outpost, San Francisco
This is a good thing! Later that day, Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience sent this message out: Dear Awesome Comic Outpost customer! I want to introduce myself to you: I'm Brian Hibbs, owner of Comix Experience (305 Divisadero St at Page), and I will be taking over the operations of Comic Outpost, effective 12/16/2013 I'm tremendously excited –[...]
Brian Hibbs Quits ComicsPRO Over Relationship With DC Comics
Democracy in action, I suppose, so I vote with my dollars. Brian Hibbs, of Comix Experience in San Francisco, is one of the more erudite and outspoken comic book retailers, who singlehanded managed to get Marvel Comics to abide by their Diamond Comic Distributor terms of returns via the courts, and getting them to pay out[...]