"NBA 2K19" Players Are Mad Over Unskippable Ads Within The Game

There's a new controversy with NBA 2K19 players, and it has nothing to do with the gameplay and everything to do with advertisements. The game has already received year-round criticism from people complaining about the fact that pretty much every aspect of the game has some form of microtransaction tied to it. Meaning the content […]

One Piece: The Straw Hats Pirates Get Real for Japanese Commercial

The Straw Hats Pirates from One Piece are gracing television screens in Japan once again, and they have never looked better than they do in this screen-grab from a series of commercials from Indeed Japan! Here in all their glory are Luffy, Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Usopp, Zoro, and Sanji - singing songs on a cliff[...]

SNL: Cut James Franco Short Is A Nightmare of Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is a time for friends, family… and an avalanche of third-rate holiday movies that put the "guilty" in "guilty pleasure." So leave it to Saturday Night Live to remind us all to save some room at the dinner table for some old friends: the big-city career woman (Kate McKinnon) who finds love […]

Nintendo Aims To Reclaim What's Theirs In First Super Bowl Ad

Sometime tonight, Nintendo's very first Super Bowl ad is going to find the eyes of millions of viewers, giving the general public a taste of the new Nintendo Switch, set for release on March 3. The reportedly $5-million ad (which is the going rate of how much CBS charged people last year for a :30-second […]

Don't Mess With John Malkovich In New Squarespace Super Bowl Ad

 Super Bowl LI is almost here, and one of our favorite parts of the Big Game is the commercials Those crazy ads that companies spend crazy amounts of money on but are often some of the best of the year They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us scratch our heads as[...]

Video: Joseph Kahn Helps Bring Bruce Lee Back To Life For A Chinese Commercial

I must admit that when I first watched this commercial I was pretty blown away by how technically impressive it is.[vimeo][/vimeo]Whenever celebrities are brought back from the dead to help sell something in a commercial two considerations always preoccupy me as I watch One is whether the celebrity in question would be happy with their image being used and[...]

Three Episodes Of Kermit's Party, In Which The Muppets Make A Mess. Thrice

Quite a few shows.Not enough, mind.Now, these videos aren't really from a TV show, but are commercials and serve to promote Bounty kitchen towel, but hey - there are Muppets, doing Muppet things.The uploader of these clips has commented:Would you believe it Kermit the Frog has his very own tv show.Yes, yes I would[...]

That Farmers Insurance Avengers TV Ad

This will have been the conversation. "Okay people, our next TV ad for Farmers will be a tie in to the new Marvel movie The Avengers." "Why?" "Because if we sign up more than five of our clients to promotional activity with The Avengers, we get a discount. Soft drink, sneakers, fast food, candy and… we're one […]

Anime Style For Tokyo Disney Resort Commercial

Any number of Disney tropes are present and correct, from hidden Mickeys to fairy dust, but the overall impression of this commercial for the Tokyo Disney Resort is something rather unusual I don't know if Walt would have approved, but it makes sense to me They're selling the theme park here, not the animation style[...]

Mini Yoda And Mini Darth Maul Fight Over Ice Tea – English Language UPDATE

Seems that one of the chief marketing strategies for the re-release of The Phantom Menace in 3D has been to allow characters from the film to bleed out into ads for other products. I suppose that makes a lot of sense. Here's the latest: I'd imaginee an English language version is pretty likely, so I'll […]

Michel Gondry's New Ad For A Japanese Store Is Full Of Laughs

Even if I didn't tell you that Michel Gondry was behind this commercial, you'd probably guess it.You know, I wasn't sure he was laughing until it was too late That's my mistake, not the ad.. I think.Where.. erm.. where do you think his shoe went?Thanks to The Daily What for the embed.[...]

Yoda Goes Vodaphone For New UK Commerical

Last time I saw Yoda advertising something it was the TomTom SatNav (I'll stick that at the bottom of the post) and thus the word "roundabound" entered my lexicon. Now, he's plugging Vodaphone, presumably because Yoda sounds like Voda.

Mark Romanek's Epic Hamster Dance

It's tempting to read Mark Romanek's new Kia commercial as a big joke on computer-monitor culture, from faceless Halo fragfests to the lunacy of the Hamster Dance, memes buried in entirely different strata of the virtual world but sharing some of the same digital DNA It's not being called Share Some Soul for nothing And who can't[...]

Tron Gets Sticky In New Commercial

I know this because I've seen a few of them now, and they all hang on that tension.Fair play to Duck Tape for exploiting it in their new TV commercial Stick with it until the end for a.. surprise.[youtube][/youtube]A not very good surprise[...]

DC Comics New 52 Movie Theater Trailer Debuts

Bleeding Cool told you back in June that DC Comics planned a major advertising campaign that included Cartoon Network and movie theater ads to launch the New 52.  Earlier tonight, Hero Complex debuted trailer footage for National CineMedia's FirstLook program. The preview spot features covers and inside art from issues such as Justice League No. 1, written by Geoff […]