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Ripping On John Byrne
We recently looked at Eric Ladd's series of John Byrne commissions over the years, montages of Spider-Man villains But one prominent villain was missing… John Byrne wrote on The John Byrne Forum, You may have noticed a paucity of commission pieces being posted lately There's a reason I've been stuck on one piece, unable to get myself[...]
Jason Pearson Draws The Superman/Batman Scene From Dark Knight Returns
This is what you get when you commission Jason Pearson to draw the climatic scene from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns He writes, Here's a commission for a Dark Knight-Batman and Superman piece I really wanted to do Batman in his normal outfit but when he faces off with the Man of Steel in the finale,[...]
Commission And Be Damned – The Green Princess
I commissioned a cover painting from Boris Vallejo and great illustrations from Frank Brunner, Curt Swan, Alex Toth, Paul Gulacy, Val Mayerik, Neal Adams (at a San Diego con) Several others said they'd do a drawing but never did (no money was paid, so no problem). But…there were two artists who took my money and ran[...]
Blogger Answers Bleeding Cool with Commission Woes
There was quite a lot of feedback to Rich's piece recently on taking your chances when it comes to art commissions Anj, a blogger for Supergirl Comic Box Commentary, posted the following piece in response Bleeding Cool is reprinting Anj's blog with his permission…   I read with some empathy the Bleeding Cool post about artists completing commissions in[...]
Commission And Be Damned
Lots of comic book artists take private commissions for work, often using trademarked characters they've worked on, often charging hundreds, even thousands of dollars It can pay better than a publisher page rate, and the more successful you are as a comic artist, the more you can charge. But over the last few years, there seems to have[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz And The Troll Part Two
Last year, Bleeding Cool ran a piece covering controversy over a certain commissioned sketch by Bill Sienkiewicz The piece was years late and the purchaser considered it below standard Even that it was mocking the purchaser by, well, calling him a dick. Well, it seemed to have had a positive effect. The original poster writes on the[...]