Orient Express Duo Kenneth Branagh Mark Gordon Adapting A Gentleman in Moscow for TV

'Orient Express' Duo Kenneth Branagh, Mark Gordon Adapting 'A Gentleman in Moscow' for TV

Murder on the Orient Express's Kenneth Branagh appears to be going the "stay-cation" route with his newest project, re-teaming with Mark Gordon to star/produce Entertainment One's television adaptation of Amor Towles's novel A Gentleman in Moscow. Entertainment One optioned the book's series rights in 2017 from publisher Viking, a division of Penguin Random House in North America, […]

Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #1 Review: Irrational But Sadly Quite Conventional

Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #1 Review: Irrational, But Sadly Quite Conventional

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In the time of Greek Antiquity, there was a great mathematic philosopher who algebra students would damn in the millennia following named Pythagoras. A student of Pythagoras, named Zalmoxis, loved his teacher so much that he wished to save him from death. Zalmoxis created the curse of Vampyrism to save Pythagoras, but he […]

Comic To Teach Communist Manifesto In Canadian Classrooms

Comic To Teach Communist Manifesto In Canadian Classrooms

According to the Toronto Sun, Professor George Rigakos of Carleton University has created a four issue comic book based on the Communist Manifesto, in order to teach political and economic theory to students. The first book was released last week and has drawn international attention. Looks rather good doesn't it? Although at 50 cents a […]