Tom Ellis is Lucifer, courtesy of Netflix.

Lucifer Season 6 Stalled Over Tom Ellis, WBTV Negotiations: Report

While a sixth season is built into Ellis' contract so not returning would put him in breach, no one wants that to happen (especially the studio, who would not want to face the potential fan backlash) Warner Bros TV has reportedly attempted to "sweeten the pot" several times but Ellis has rejected each offer Reps[...]

The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Returning for 6 of Season 9's First 8 Episodes

Though news of The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan returning to the AMC series was first announced in April 2018, word that the actress' comedy-action pilot Whiskey Cavalier had been picked up for series by ABC reignited the "Maggie's leaving the show" rumor mill. To update the matter, AMC has confirmed that Cohan will be returning […]

King Ezekiel Actor Defends Lauren Cohan in 'Walking Dead' Contract Dispute

[caption id="attachment_805909" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: AMC[/caption]I still stand behind my initial thoughts on Lauren Cohan's ongoing contractual back-and-forth with AMC's The Walking Dead for Maggie to return to the long-running hit series for Season 9 Now, having said that? Yeah, I'm starting to get a wee bit concerned -- especially when cast members start voicing[...]

That DC Comics Contract Issue, Expanded

RT @bleedingcool Why The New DC Comics Royalty Deal Is A Bum One For Many Creators — Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) July 3, 2014 Chew on this awhile… RT @bleedingcool: Why The New DC Comics Royalty Deal Is A Bum One For Many Creators — robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) July 3, 2014 So that was our […]

An Alan Moore Interview For £700 – From 1987

"If Jim Shooter and Dick Giordano wrestled, who would win?" "The mud" Alan Moore has declared that he won't give any more interviews, apart from those promoting new works. And considering the effect each interview he gives has on the comic internet, they are going to be missed. So how about an old interview, from […]

A Publishing Deal, Uncovered

It's unusual for comic book creators to talk about their pay situations. It's not the done thing. And then it sometimes it gets too much and it explodes everywhere, injuring various passer bys. Look forward to a piece on just such an incident tomorrow. But then John Byrne has never really cared for the done […]

Contracts Assigning Copyright From 1978 Could Be Null And Void In 2013

Well now, here's a thing.Section 203 of the 1978 US Copyright Act allows authors to cut away any contract after 35 years.Which is in 2013 Funny how that suddenly caught up with us?That doesn't affect contracts signed before then It also doesn't (yet) affect any contracts signed after that, including those that amend the original[...]

Looking At A Contract From Bluewater Productions

They sent me the contract and then told me the publisher had told them the comic had not sold enough to warrant any payment I have to say, on the basis of the contract they signed, they probably don't have a leg to stand on, and no payment for their work is neccesary.Firstly, I've written[...]

The Ethics Of Before Watchmen

But should they? Here are a few thoughts worth considering. The Contract Alan Moore definitely argues the ethics behind the original contract he signed with DC Comics over the rights to the publication of Watchmen and V For Vendetta They allowed the company to publish the work for a reasonable amount of time while it stayed in[...]