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The Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List 2015 – 76 To 74
Corey Murphy Formerly manager of the Laughing Ogre comic book chain of stores, Corey Murphy joined Image as director of retail sales last year and, since then, she has been making bold changes to the way the publisher works Increasing print runs across the board so that retailers can reorder comics quickly was one example, doing the research, then canning[...]
We Drop Into The Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit (Dave Gibbons Dark Knight III UPDATE)
UPDATE: DC Comics just showed off this Dark Knight III variant cover by Dave Gibbons… The original piece runs below: We're not sure, from this photo, if DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio totally wants to be at the Baltimore Retailer Summit… Marvel's David Gabriel was pushing the success of attracting new customers for retailers with Star Wars – but also Squirrel[...]
Image Comics Announces More Favourable Terms For Retailers At ComicsPro
Photo by Calum Johnston. Ex-comics store retailer and now Image Comics' retail sales director Corey Murphy has given an address to retailers at the ComicsPRO event in Portland And it appears to have been a rather welcome one. Because between now and Image Expo in January, the publisher launched a discount direct subscription service that put a few[...]