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TaLynn Kel
The cosplay community is full of incredible people. It's a group built up by seriously hardworking, talented individuals. Few encapsulate this as much as the focus of our spotlight today: TaLynn Kel.
Cosplay Spotlight: Straight Outta Cosplay
Here at BC, we get the opportunity to do a lot of cool things — from reading the latest comics to interviewing our favorite cosplayers. The latter is what I get the pleasure of doing today with Corey Morgan, aka Straight Outta Cosplay.
Brown Suga Outlaw cosplay
February is coming to an end, but this month has shone a bright light on some incredibly talented cosplayers! One of these is Cree Michelle Rogers, aka Brown Suga Outlaw of the UsualRangers5.
Hey Jay Cosplay and Brandon Banks of The Food Chain
Continuing on with our Cosplay Spotlights for this month, inspired by the fantastic #28DaysofBlackCosplay, we have two more fantastic artists! Check out Hey Jay Cosplay and Brandon Banks of The Food Chain below! Hey Jay Cosplay BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What interested you in cosplaying? I finally mustered up my courage to do my first cosplay in 2014[...]
Stars and Stripes and Steel Lotus Design Studios
Back with another Cosplay Spotlight! Inspired by the always incredible #28DaysofBlackCosplay, Bleeding Cool is taking this opportunity to show off some of our favorite cosplayers! This time we have Steel Lotus Design Studios and Stars and Stripes Cosplay. Steel Lotus Design Studios Photo Credit: M Squared Photography BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What interested you in[...]
Cosplay Spotlight: Stardust Megu
The focus of our Cosplay Spotlight today is Stardust Megu! One of the nicest cosplayers I've had the pleasure to work with, Megu is not only a talented cosplayer, but also an upbeat, body positive, and optimistic delight of a person Check out her interview below and make sure to give her page a visit! Photo[...]