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TaLynn Kel
With a resume that includes a variety of fantastic costumes, published essays, and her own incredibly intriguing website, this is one cosplayer you won't want to miss! Check out her spotlight below, and be sure to keep an eye out for future articles featuring TaLynn. Photo credit: Leo Photography BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What interested[...]
Cosplay Spotlight: Straight Outta Cosplay
Here at BC, we get the opportunity to do a lot of cool things — from reading the latest comics to interviewing our favorite cosplayers The latter is what I get the pleasure of doing today with Corey Morgan, aka Straight Outta Cosplay. Photo by: R.W Stenberg – Aalterra Studios BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What interested[...]
Brown Suga Outlaw cosplay
February is coming to an end, but this month has shone a bright light on some incredibly talented cosplayers! One of these is Cree Michelle Rogers, aka Brown Suga Outlaw of the Usual Rangers 5 She challenged herself to a character a day for #28DaysofBlackCosplay and absolutely killed it. We talked to Rogers about what inspired her[...]
Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Cosplay
The month of October means one thing for cosplay boys and ghouls everywhere, HALLOWEEN! For many who engage in the hobby/art form/lifestyle, Halloween is the perfect time to revisit favorite costumes and characters. Cosplayer and California native Tallest Silver was kind enough to stop by last fall for a quick photoshoot with me of her take on[...]
Disney's The Winner: Katsucon 2017 Cosplay
The following shots were taken Thursday-Saturday, and as you can see each and every cosplayer here has put their heart and soul into the costume Disney won out in terms of popularity, but anime and video games were still in full force here! If you see yourself feel free to use the pic, but please[...]
SDCC '15: When Cosplayers Charge For Photos At Comic Cons
Friend of Bleeding Cool, Paul Nicholasi noted a new trend at this year's San Diego Comic Con, cosplayers walking the aisles and charging for anyone who wanted to take a photo of their costume. He writes, Nicole Marrokal has been photographing events with us for some time now, and is not known for exaggeration She is very[...]
Geek Girl On The Street Reports: Gail Simone's Tea Is Only Con-Hot*
Who cares if girls who don't know anything about comics want to dress up in slutty costumes and go to comic cons to get attention? Really. As John Scalzi points out in this blog post, "poser" cosplayers do not harm anyone, nor do they devalue the "legit" cosplayers or fans investments in comics culture. In fact, the mainstreaming[...]
A Cosplay Gallery Of New York Comic Con
Shots taken by Bleeding Cool reports at the show, including Liz Oeftering, Shawn Schillberg, Mike Greear, Shawn Schillberg and... me!              
Cosplayers In The Round… Eric's Posable Figures
Eric is a photographer for 2 Image Solutions and he takes photographs of cosplayers Not alone in that, I'm sure But what Eric does is take lots of photos of each cosplayer Again, nothing new But then he puts them together, extracts the background in some cases, and creates fully rotatable cosplayers… here are a[...]