In Court For Drawing A Cartoon Of The Pope

popeIn 2010, French cartoonist Plantu drew a cartoon picturing the Pope having sex with a baby. Which means the Pope portrayed wasn't this Pope, it was the last one.

As a result, he has been sued by a Catholic association under French laws regarding incitement to hatred or religious discrimination, and will appear in court tomorrow.

The cartoon, called "Paedophilia: The Pope Takes A Position" was published online on the cartoonist's site, and then again in national newspaper Le Monde amongst a number of his cartoons.

The cartoon has the child telling the audience, "if you want to get fucked as well, vote on Sunday" referring to the then-upcoming elections.

AGRIF (l'Alliance générale contre le racisme et le respect de l'identité française et chrétienne – or the General Alliance against Racism and respect for the French and Christian Identity) filed a complaint the following year for "incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence in respect of a person or group of persons because of their origin or their membership or non-membership of an ethnic group, race or religion."

They also say that it "exceeds allowable limits of freedom of expression." Plantu has responded saying that the cartoon is a joke and that AGRIF are just pretending not to understand this.


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