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Crossroads Inn Creator Klabater Decide On Gamefound To Crowdfund
Warsaw, Poland-based game design company Klabater has finally decided upon which crowdfunding platform will host the campaign to fund the tabletop board game adaptation of their video game Crossroads Inn Namely, the company has chosen to crowdfund via Gamefound Furthermore, Klabater has decided to work with Sirius Game Studio to develop and publish this game. The[...]
Crossroads Inn Board Game To Be Published By Klabater, Out Q4 2022
Warsaw, Poland-based video game developer Klabater has announced that they will be adapting their classic inn-development game Crossroads Inn into a board game for tabletop play! The game is slated for an eventual release in Q3 of next year at the latest, judging by an infographic that the company has put out. The proposed box for the[...]