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Ed Brisson & Damian Couceiro's Beyond The Breach, From AfterShock
Writer Ed Brisson, artist Damian Couceiro, colourist Patricio Delpeche, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou launch new sci-fi series, Beyond The Breach, to be published by AfterShock Comics, in July 2021. Ed Brisson & Damian Couceiro's Beyond The Breach Life sucks for Vanessa Her mother just died and her boyfriend is cheating on her (with her own sister!)[...]
Iron Fist #80 cover by Jeff Dekal
The ending comes off like a very slap-dash and rushed conclusion that hopes it can extract some meaning with the conclusion of this series. There's also a running joke with Fat Cobra's mom abusing him that just feels cruel. Iron Fist #80 art by Damian Couceiro and Andy Troy Damian Couceiro and Andy Troy are the MVPs of[...]
Iron Fist #78 cover by Jeff Dekal
The Kung Fu action is sustained, and it almost makes up for the lackluster first half. Iron Fist #78 art by Damian Couceiro and Andy Troy Damian Couceiro's artwork has an appealing cartoonish quality which can still capitalize on kinetic energy and expression It can't be easy following up Mike Perkins, but Couceiro delivers some great work[...]
TMNT #75 cover by Cory Smith and Ronda Pattison
A lot of the Turtles' friends have returned for the party, their enemies have lined up for the battle, and the story itself is a tense-back-to-back of the battle and the trial itself. The battle is cool with a lot of good scenes drawn out on the page by artistic team of Cory Smith, Mateus Santolouco,[...]
Cluster #2 Is A Sci-Fi Fan's Wish Come True
After reading the first issue of this intense new series, I was ecstatic to get my hands on Cluster #2! From BOOM! Studios, written by Ed Brisson with art by Damian Couceiro, Cluster focuses on main character Sam Simmons a.k.a Samara, who was taken to a prison called Tranent which houses criminals that signed up[...]