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New Mutants
Cebulski stated that Magik and Dani Moonstar are two favorites, and they will be published so long as he's heading up Marvel comic books. This could mean nothing This could just be Cebulski speaking off the cuff and showing respect for two of his favorite Marvel Comics characters. Orrrrrr, this could mean a return of the New Mutants ongoing[...]
'New Mutants' Film Casts Blu Hunt As Dani Moonstar
 After decades of the same core mutant characters on screen (Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto), it's refreshing to know more comic characters are on the way. Actress Blu Hunt is Dani Moonstar According to The Hollywood Reporter, fan-favorite New Mutant character Danielle 'Dani' Moonstar will be joining the roster, and actress Blu Hunt (The Originals, This Is It) will be playing[...]
Where The Kids Look Like Kids – The All New X-Men Annual #1, Reviewed
Starring Dani Moonstar, we see her battling with the difficulties of her Valkyrie abilities in a world that is filled with death as mutants are plagued (literally) by that putrid green cloud. Art by Andrea Broccardo & Rachelle Rosenberg Without spoiling the reveal, she goes up against a classic X-character as well as the mists effects on[...]