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Shattered Star Lilly Krug Talks Intense Cerebral Prep for Role
When Lilly Krug saw David Loughery's script for the psychological thriller Shattered, she knew it was something she could afford to pass up to play such a layered character as Sky, a mysterious woman who falls in love with Chris (Cameron Monaghan) What he initially thinks might be the woman of her dreams ends up[...]
Shattered: Cameron Monaghan on Film’s Classic Erotic Thriller Roots
Image courtesy of Lionsgate "David Loughery wrote a couple of movies that I was familiar with, one called Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L Jackson and one called Obsessed starring Beyoncé," Monaghan said "I watched those movies when I was younger, and I thought that they were really fun explorations of a very specific genre, which is[...]