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A Very Special Nick Fury Story Published Today ( SPOILERS)
Two times that seem behest by racial conflict and unrest, at least that's how it is the the Nick Fury one-shot, published today, by David Walker and Lee Ferguson. And the racial antagonist Hate Monger travelling from the present, to the past, taking a Nick Fury with him, and giving us the suggestion that the Hate[...]
David Walker For All-New All-Different Marvel?
White and Katie Kubert, as well as Writers Gerry Duggan (Deadpool), Dennis Hopeless (All-New X-Men) and David Walker (Fury)! David Walker hasn't got any work announced in the All-New All-Different Marvel line-up yet The teased but not yet announced titles are Death's Head, Black Panther and Citizen V. Take your pick? Saturday October 10th sees the All-New All-Different Marvel[...]
Has Cyborg Restored His Manhood?
Andrew Wheeler wrote for Comics Alliance, At Emerald City Comic-Con earlier this year I was lucky enough to be on a panel on diversity and representation
David Walker Calls On Warners Not To Make A Comedy Shaft
David Walker, writer of DC's Cyborg, the recent Shaft comic book and the recent Shaft sequel novel argues against the making of a comedy remake of Shaft given the news that the creator of Black-ish, Kenya Barris has been hired by Warner Bros' New Line to co-write the script. In an open letter, he uses reasons of[...]
Cyborg #1 Recreates *That* Scene From Green Arrow/Green Lantern
By Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, from mid-seventies Green Lantern. At its heart, it wondered why superheroes allowed injustices to continue under their noses. Well, today's Cyborg #1 by David Walker and Ivan Reis does something similar The comic stars a man whose life has been saved, twice, by a transforming cyborg infusion which, with this issue, has seen[...]
One Chunk's Journey At C2E2
Peter G wrote for Bleeding Cool from C2E2... Climb Every Staircase The show layout underwent a bit of a change from last year. Last year, the family
"So, What's Shaft, Is That Like Black Dynamite?" – David Walker Talks Shaft
David Avallone, writer of Legenderry: Vampirella #3, talks with writer David Walker about Shaft #5, both on sale now..Covers by Francesco Francavilla and Denys Cowan. DAVID AVALLONE: I love the book, and it's great to see someone doing powerful work with such an iconic character Do you remember the first time you saw the movie? Or[...]
Inside Shaft #5 With The Art Of Bilquis Evely
The pencils are by Bilquis Evely and colored by Daniela Miwa from a script by David Walker. The bodies have been piling up as private detective John Shaft has been searching for the missing Marisol DuPree Now that he's found her, all the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit into place Shaft finally knows[...]
Cyborg Gets His Own Series From David Walker, Ivan Reis And Joe Prado
Even Aquaman had two. There were rumours at the time that these were due to character contract comlpications that also doomed an announced Raven series, but these were dismissed. Now that the New 52 is no more, Cyborg is getting his own series from David Walker and the Justice League/Aquaman team of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Should[...]
Things To Do On The West Coast In December If You Like Comics
Both will be on hand for this art exhibition where they will be signing and sketching from 7 to 10 PM on Saturday, December 13. Oregon "Who's the cat that won't cop out / When there's danger all about? / Shaft, right on!" Portland's Bridge City Comics will have a Shaft #1 Screening and Signing with writer[...]