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Dead End Kid: The Suburban Job #2 Sells Out Now, Still No Word Second Printings
Back in January, Bleeding Cool reported that Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job #1 from No Heroine writer Frank Gogol and Source Point Press had sold out two weeks ahead of release Now it looks as if the series second issue has sold out four weeks ahead of its release. screencap, from Frank Gogol. Gogol launched his[...]
Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job #1 Sells Out Before Going On Sale
Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job #1 from No Heroine writer Frank Gogol has sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors a full ten days ahead of its 27th of January release The Suburban Job joins 2019's Dead End Kids and last year's No Heroine as series that have sold out their first issues ahead of release — giving[...]
Details For Dead End Kids Sequel, The Suburban Job
Hot on the heels of this summer's hit series No Heroine, writer Frank Gogol is launching a follow-up series to his 2019 indie hit Dead End Kids — Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job The new series takes a True Detective-style approach with a new cast and a new crime — this time focusing on[...]
Source Point Press Launch Four Comics in January 2021 Solicitations
We have the return of Dead End Kids with The Suburban Job by Frank Gogol and Nenad Cvitcanin We also have The Eighth Immortal by Jake Murray and Alice Li Barnes Warcorns: Combat Unicorns For Hire which had a one-shot now gets a series by Garrett Gunn and Kit Wallis and Damned, Cursed Children by[...]
Auto Draft
The now thrice-sold-out series Dead End Kids — from Frank Gogol, Nenad Civiticanin, Sean Rinehart, and Source Point Press — is coming to New York Comic Con with not one, but two exclusive covers. The 90s-inspired covers, charmingly dubbed the "Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper" editions, feature art by Deadpool artist Reilly Brown, colours by Brown's frequent[...]
Dead End Kids #3 Delayed, Copies Selling for 750% of Cover Price
The comic book series Dead End Kids from Frank Gogol, Nenad Cviticanin, Sean Rinehart, and Source Point Press has been a bit of a hit on the aftermarket – and a delay in its release has rather exposed what such demand can do to an otherwise sane comics collector Dead End Kids #3, the final[...]