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Hamish Steele's Deadendia Comic Jumps to Netflix
His hit series (relatively) Deadendia has just been picked up from Netflix. Bleeding Cool readers may have known about Deadendia for some time – indeed there's a BC quote from Joe Glass prominently on their website A story about group of employees of a haunted house, which may or may not also serve as a portal[...]
Tales from the Four Color Closet: Top 5 LGBTQ in Comics in 2015
Deadendia by Hamish Steele Deadendia may not be coming out from one of the big mainstream publishers, but what it is doing for comics and representation as a whole is truly wonderful. There are a host of colorful characters in Deadendia, but all are filled with layers of characterisation and elements to set them apart from your[...]
The Top UK Indie Comics Of 2015 – From Porcelain To Pantheon
Deadendia by Hamish Steele Another entry into my list, Steele also creates Deadendia, a comic series that spins out of and expands upon his own Cartoon Hangover short. Deadendia is simply brilliant It's fun, emotional and adventurous, and filled with twists and turns Set in a haunted house that has a literal elevator to Heaven and Hell[...]