Brian Michael Bendis batman

Brian Michael Bendis's List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman […]

Deadman #1 cover by Neal Adams; Deadman review

Deadman #1 Review: Solid Art, But A Dense And Confusing Plot

Commissioner Gordon is inspecting a nuclear power plant in Gotham. Unfortunately, the assassin known as Hook, who killed Boston Brand, was hired to murder Gordon. Deadman is on the trail of the assassin, but can he save the Commissioner? There's more to this plot, but, for the life of me, I had a pretty difficult […]

Going Old School With Runescape's Deadman Tournament

RuneScape went old school with their Deadman tournament, as always. The final few Deadmen faced off in Burbank this weekend to crown one of their own as last man standing. The old-school version of RuneScape being used is probably one of the most familiar versions of the game, harkening back to the heyday of early […]

Justice League Dark – Where It All Began

The Justice League Dark animated movie was very well received and there is still talk about a live-action movie featuring the characters… but DC has just released this featurette focusing on the history of the team. Kicking off in 2011 as part of the New 52, the series featured a group of mystical / supernatural based […]

Less Quantum Leap, More Deadman – More Details On Marvel's Mosaic

Marvel Comics has released more details on their new Mosaic comic starting in October by Geoffrey Thorne and Khary Randolph. "To say that Morris will have a long, hard road to travel to become a hero is an understatement," says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. "One minute, Mosaic holds the world in the palm of his hand, the […]

Neal Adams Is 'Definitely' Not Writing New Deadman For DC – Fan Expo Dallas

Brandon Wainerdi writes, video by Jason Kauzlarich, Bleeding Cool took five minutes to sit down with comic book "royalty" Neal Adams to learn about the upcoming slate of Adams-verse material for DC and beyond. When we introduced ourselves as, he feigned ignorance but, as you can tell in the video, we are glad for […]

Speculator Corner: Swamp Thing #49 And #50 And The Justice League Dark

These have been rotting away in dollar bins for around thirty years. And suddenly they're not. We know Guillermo Del Toro is working on a Justice League Dark movie. That series began with the New 52, teaming John Constantine up with the likes of Deadman and Zatana against, you know, stuff. A supernatural entity doing […]

One Challengers Of The Unknown Too Few In Deadman Vol 5?

DC Comics has been collecting early stories of Deadman from a variety of DC publications, and is now onto volume 5. That collects stories from Deadman #1-4, Secret Origins #15 and Challengers Of The Unknown #85-87. Unfortunately, it appears to have missed out the first part of that Challengers Of The Unknown story in issue #84. Which […]

The Deadman That Wasn't

Phil Hester has been cleaning out his closet. Cleaned the studio, so stand by for ancient oddities. First: DC made me change this Deadman back in the day. — Phillip Hester (@philhester) March 13, 2014   So… what happened? @philhester but…..but that's awesome!! — Agent Android Shaw (@andrew_shaw23) March 13, 2014   @NewMutant Yes. […]

Justice League Dark Artist Mikel Janin Offers Commissions To Help Fund Fan Film

Trevor Krainik writes for Bleeding Cool: Hello Bleeding Cool! We have an exciting update to our Indiegogo campaign for Justice League Dark: The Gathering! Mikel Janin has graciously offered 2 commissions as perks for our campaign! It is such a good feeling to have support from one of the creators and the artist of the […]

The Phantom Stranger Shows A Very Shaky Grasp Of Legal Matters (Spoilers)

From today's rather splendid Trinity Of Sin: The Phantom Stranger. Our mysterious supernatural fellow takes Batman, Katana and Deadman to Heaven. And we get, for the first time, the new rules of DC heaven. And they seem to be along the lines of the Savage Dragon. And along the way, they meet the late, nice, […]

Has Flashpoint Become Fiction In The New DCU?

A couple of panels in the new issue of Justice League Dark #3 may be rather revealing. They appear to show the Flashpoint comics Secret Seven and Deadman And The Flying Graysons that starred Shade and Deadman, existing in the new DCU. Do they reveal the fact that, when caught in Flashpoint flux, The Flash […]

DC's Deadman In Development For Television At The CW

Deadline reports: With Smallville ending its 10-season run this past May, the CW has made launching a new superhero franchise based on a DC property a priority. The network's first effort this development season is Deadman, a drama based on the DC Comics books by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino, which will be written and executive produced […]

DC Relaunch: The Hooking Up Of Superman And Wonder Woman

Okay, out of all the post-Flashpoint stories I'm running, this is the one on the least firm foundations. But, if true, will have the biggest multi-media implications. I'm told that Superman and Wonder Woman will be getting together. In a very media friendly fashion, indeed. Or at least it will be a plot point. A […]

DC Relaunch: Legion Lost #1

In September, along with all the new issue one relaunches, Bleeding Cool has been told to expect a new Legion Of Superheroes series, Legion Lost. The previous Legion Lost series by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning has just been reprinted in hardcover. But it seems this new series, whatever it is, has nothing to do […]

DC Relaunch: A New Multi-Colour Lantern Team Book

In September, Bleeding Cool has been told to expect a new Green Lantern team book, made up of one member from each of the differing Lantern emotional colour spectrum. Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Orange…. and Black? Care Bear Stares each and every month! And some kind of Tyler Kirkham involvement. Bleeding Cool has […]

DC Relaunch: The New Superman #1

In Superman #1, launching in September, we will see what appears to be a new uniform for Superman. Based on the usual style, but more segmented with scores, seams or raised lines running across and around his arms, legs and torso. Kneepads as part of a segmented bulky boot. And a belt that reflects the […]

DC Relaunch: Deadman To Star In Adventure Comics #1

In September, along with everything else, Bleeding Cool has been told to expect a new Adventure Comics #1. And a new lead, namely the recent star of Brightest Day, Deadman. Alive, dead, somewhere in between, a new status quo for Boston Brand or something very different, I have no idea. Yet. Though I'm hearing of […]