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CNN GOP Debate: Trump, FOX "News" BFFs Again; Ramaswamy Opts Out
Why? Because that criteria makes it tough for former NJ Governor Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy to make the cut – with both having participated in the prior four debates That – and the fact that he was pretty much everyone's punching bag (and deservedly so) at the last debate – might be one of the[...]
Saturday Night Live Season 46 spoofed the POTUS debate (Image: NBCU)
It's Trump's abused and enabled partner NBCU (or NBC, NBC News, etc.,) that's been making that little vein near my right eye throb with righteous indignation since they decided to wade into Presidential Debates debate with money signs in their eyes and their hat out for a fat payday. Saturday Night Live Season 46 spoofed the[...]