Unicron Transformers War For Cybertron Figure Now Live on Haslab

Unicron Transformers War For Cybertron Figure Now Live on Haslab

Unicron is coming, prepare your toy shelves. No seriously, you need to reinforce your shelf. After last weeks announcement of the Haslab project of Cookie Monster, the chances of getting another project so soon after became slim. Lo and behold, this morning Hasbro dropped the big new, literally. Starting today, through August 31st, you can […]

Transformers Golden Lagoon Soundwave 2

Transformers Golden Lagoon Soundwave From Takara Tomy Up For Order

Transformers is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and to help celebrate Takara Tomy is releasing a Golden Lagoon edition of everyone's favorite cassette-ejecting Decepticon Soundwave. This is a gold chrome repaint of the Power of the Primes version of Soundwave, and based on the Golden Lagoon episode of the G1 Transformers cartoon. he will […]

Transformers Autobot Jazz Statue 7

Transformers Autobot Jazz Gets an Awesome Statue from Imaginarium Art

Transformers fan-favorite and Autobot stalwart Jazz is getting immortalized in statue form. Coming in August, the high-end statue from Imaginarium Art features an insanely detailed sculpt, accurate to the characters classic and iconic look. Two versions will be available: a regular edition limited to 600 pieces and a limited version with 500 pieces that will […]