Transformers Golden Lagoon Soundwave From Takara Tomy Up For Order

Transformers is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and to help celebrate Takara Tomy is releasing a Golden Lagoon edition of everyone's favorite cassette-ejecting Decepticon Soundwave. This is a gold chrome repaint of the Power of the Primes version of Soundwave, and based on the Golden Lagoon episode of the G1 Transformers cartoon. he will come in gold metallic paint, and will feature 3 transformations: robot mode, radio mode, and a battlestation mode. He is all plastic, and sadly does not come with any of his cassettes. Watch them release a pack with all of those separately. This figure will run you around $100 depending on where you order from and ships in March. You can preorder here.

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Check out more details and pics of the figure below!

Transformers Soundwave has received the Golden Lagoon treatment and has been given a golden repaint with chrome plated components.

Product Features

  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the golden lagoon Transformers G1 animated episode
  • Power of the Primes Voyager Class Soundwave variant
  • Metallic chrome plating
  • Commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Transformers
  • Triple changer figure
    • Robot mode
    • Battle station mode
    • Radio mode

Box Contents

  • Soundwave figure
  • Blaster
  • Mini figure

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