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James Tynion Vs Tom King Over Batman/Catwoman? (Batman #101 Spoilers)
Instead, we have a "Defund Batman" change in the nature of the character instead No Batcave, no Wayne Manor, no Robin, no Alfred, no billions… and no Catwoman? Catwoman #26., also out today reveals she has a price on her head. And this is of concern to Batman given his new Defunded state. James Tynion Vs Tom[...]
How The Joker Makes a New Gotham and a New Batman (#100 Spoilers)
And this is something that is scary on one front but it's also really exciting because Batman loves building things." Bleeding Cool has been reporting on what we have described as "Defund Batman" for a while now, a new approach within the DC Comics series to strip away Briuce Wayne's billions, his manor, his butler and[...]
Scott Snyder Says Death Metal Is About Not BEing Allowed To Erase Your Mistakes
And some seem to tie right in with what Bleeding Cool has been reporting as "Defund Batman"… Batman panel screencap. You know I've done so much in Gotham but getting a chance to take the wheels and show the Gotham I think there's a lot of potential to build right now, is incredibly exciting[...]
Defund Batman - How Bruce Wayne Changes In 2021 Thanks To Lucius Fox
Defund Batman? Really? Strap in, there are spoilers ahead Wayne Manor is located outside the centre of Gotham, on the outskirts Batman's base of operations is beneath a luxurious manor on a massive estate He is rather removed from the city that he "governs". Of late, a lot has been made recently of reforming the police,[...]