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Exclusive Extended Previews Of Solar: Man Of The Atom #4 And Dejah Of Mars #3
Barbiere and Joe Bennett and Dejah Of Mars #3 by Mark Rahner and Jethro Morales. SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM #4 Frank J Barbiere (w) Joe Bennett (a) Juan Doe (c) You're Erica Seleski Yesterday you were an architect Today you can pretty much do anything Can the brand-new WOMAN OF THE ATOM figure out her incredible abilities in time to[...]
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The new version is a little more world weary… or universe weary… about it all though. Solar #3 also goes for the blasé, when changing clothes through molecular manipulation, anyone else in the room just isn't bothered…. Dejah Of Mars #2 threatens death by mouth I really hope no one find this kind of thing erotic… I find it[...]
Extended Previews – Solar, Turok, The Green Hornet, Flash Gordon and Dejah Of Mars
We have the conclusion of Mark Waid's run on the Green Hornet, the second issue of the new Dejah Of Mars series and the third issue of Flash Gordon. MARK WAID'S THE GREEN HORNET #13 Mark Waid (w) Ronilson Freire (a) Paolo Rivera (c) FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ FINAL ISSUE!!! The grand finale–and the ultimate victor stands[...]
Writer Commentary – Mark Rahner on Dejah Of Mars #1
We saw the release of a new Dejah Of Mars series for Dynamite from writer Mark Rahner Now Rahner goes page by page through the new issue in this writer's commentary. The premise of DEJAH OF MARS is simple: John Carter has saved the Princess many times, and now it's her turn to save him. A little[...]