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Deleted Scene From The Time Of The Doctor And A Ten-Minute Making-Of

This deleted scene isn't from that subplot.[youtube][/youtube]Okay, I guess that was inessential.Here's a little making-of featurette too DVD special features may be on the wane, and Doctor Who confidential is long since a thing of the past, but the BBC are keen to keep an EPK crew on the Who set and I'm grateful for[...]

More Mandarin – Watch A Deleted Scene From Iron Man 3

For a bit.But I guess we can talk about this one deleted scene, offering up a little more Mandarin as it's been let free, into the wild, through USA Today.Ahhh.. come to think of it, the interesting things I want to say about this scene are massive spoilers for people who haven't seen the whole[...]

Patton Oswalt's Eight Minute Improvised Pitch For Star Wars Episode VII

Here's a deleted scene from this week's episode of Parks and Recreation in which Patton Oswalt delivers his pitch for the next Star Wars film I reckon they could have asked him to do this three times in a row and gotten an entire trilogy out of the man, and it's almost a shame they[...]

A Five Minute Deleted Scene From This Is 40

Ever felt that the third and fourth seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond were better than the others? I wonder if your reasoning is quite the same as you'll hear in this deleted scene from This Is 40.Barry is being played by Robert Smigel, the human avatar of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Barb by[...]

A New Deleted Scene From Thor – With Much More Promised For The Marvel Movie Box-Set

To promote their newly re-solicited Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One box set, Marvel have issued another deleted scene from Thor This is amongst the new special features compiled for the set, including more cutting room trims, previews of some Phase Two films and a number of easter eggs.Amongst those easter eggs, say the whispers reaching Bleeding[...]

Another Avengers Deleted Scene And Gag Reel

Plenty more deleted scenes there. More Loki, more Hawkeye, and then more dicking around and corpsing.I watched about eleven seconds of the gag reel before pausing it, I have to admit Hopefully you fared better Hopefully your sides split.The DVD and Blu-ray release for The Avengers is set for next month Plenty more deleted scenes[...]

Big List Of Deleted Scenes You Can Look Forward To On The Star Wars Blu-Rays

Several deleted scenes have entered Star Wars lore, little holy grails of flickering light that the fans have been waiting to see for decades A few crept out along the way, on DVD supplements, in TV specials, in illicit midnight screenings in Washington DC parking garages (well, maybe) but we're about to hit the mother[...]