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More Details On The Muppets Blu-Ray – Easter Eggs Revealed

Courtesy of the BBFC submission process, we now have much better info on what the Muppets DVD and/or Blu-ray is going to contain. Here's their list, complete with runtimes and details of the Easter Eggs: 00:15:14:11 SCRATCHING THE SURFACE – A HASTY EXAMINATION OF THE MAKING OF THE MUPPETS (DVD EXTRA) 00:09:35:05 (THE MUPPETS – […]

What's Going To Be On The Muppets Blu-Ray? UPDATED With Official Specs

We're still waiting for The Muppets to reach UK cinemas on February 10th, but the US are now sitting patiently for the eventual home entertainment release on March 28th. I've been keeping an eye on the film's Amazon page to see when the Blu-ray and DVD specs were uploaded, and it hasn't happened yet… …but […]

Nine Good Reasons To Be Excited About The New Blue Velvet Blu-Ray

I have regularly called Blue Velvet the best American film of the 1980s and as goofy a statement as that is, really, it certainly does seem to be true. On November 8th, the film will be issued on Blu-ray in the US. Amongst the special features will be the old Mysteries of Love documentary from […]

Super-Rare Uncut Version Of The Shining To Screen In New York – CANCELLED Update

Back when The Shining was released, distribution patterns were very different than today. During their first week, films would be found in just a few cinemas, and not the thousands that are now typical. Stanley Kubrick certainly liked to take advantage of this. Perhaps most famously he axed 19 minutes from 2001: A Space Odyssey […]

Lucky! Thirteen Deleted Scenes For The X-Men: First Class DVD And Blu-Ray

When the rather superb X-Men: First Class DVD and Blu-ray comes along in a few weeks, there's going to be a decent sized crop of deleted scenes included. Judging from a listing in the BBFC database, there's going to be thirteen of them, with a total runtime of under fourteen minutes. So they'll be brief. Not […]

Neil Gaiman Talks Two Doctor Who Deleted Scenes (VIDEO)

Neil Gaiman talks through two scenes lost form his script for The Doctor's Wife – namely the Planet Of The Rain Gods and the TARDIS Graveyard. It's worth noting that Doctor Who people pray to the Rain Gods every week, as bad weather means better viewing figures, and a better chance of upping their budget […]

New Blue Velvet Blu-Ray To Include Long Lost Deleted Scenes, New Sound Mix

Let's start by agreeing that Blue Velvet is the best American film of the '80s and we can get on with this.* David Lynch has revealed that long-lost scenes deleted from the final edit of Blue Velvet have, against the odds, turned up and will now be restored and included on an upcoming Blu-ray release […]